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Dover Lodges

139 Snargate Street, Dover, CT17 9DA. Tel: None
Parking: Restricted on street or a public car park.

Lodge of Peace and Harmony No 199

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Lodge of Peace & Harmony Secretary: John Sarjeant
Telephone: 01304 208009
Website: None
Meeting Dates: First Monday, October to June
Installation Date: October
No. of Members: 59
LOI: 7:15pm, Thursdays, October to May.
Ritual: Own



Corinthian Lodge No 1208

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Corinthian Lodge Secretary: Ashley P Brewin
Telephone: 07535 141667
Meeting Dates: Third Monday, October to May
Installation: March
No. of Members: 38
Ritual: Emulation with slight variations
LOI: Each Thursday Night




Military Jubilee Lodge No 2195

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Military Jubilee Lodge Secretary: Colin Hirst
Telephone: 07498746258
Website: No
Installation: 4th Wednesday April
Number of Members: 58
Meeting Dates: Fouth Wednesday September to November and January to June, Second Wednesday December
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Every Wednesday between September and June



Snar Gate Lodge No 6770

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Snar Gate Lodge Secretary: J.R. MacKenzie
Telephone: 01304 211739
Meeting Dates: Second Monday, October to May

Pharos Lodge No 6967

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Pharos Lodge Secretary: Arthur Hornby
Telephone: 07815 849155
Website: YES
Meeting Dates: Third Saturday January, March, April, October and November

Dover Castle Lodge No 7202

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Dover Castle Lodge Secretary: Edwin Adkins
Telephone: 01304 831330
Website: None
Installation Date: 4th Friday October
Membership: 39
Ritual: Own
Meeting Dates: Fourth Friday, February, April and October, Third Friday in May and Second Friday in December
LOI: Every Friday September to May.



Septem Lodge No 7788

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Septem Lodge Secretary: Kevin Kemp
Telephone: 07721 579718
Website: None
Meeting Dates: Second Saturday, January, March, May, September and November.


Trinity Mariners’ Lodge No 8406

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Trinity Mariners Lodge Secretary: George  Patrick De-La-Mere
Telephone: 01304 209616
Installation: April
Meeting Dates: Second Saturday, October, December, February, April and June.
Ritual: Emulation.
LOI: First and Last Wednesday in each Month.



White Rose Lodge No 9308

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White Rose Lodge Secretary: Karl AG Biscoe
Telephone: 01892 531557
Meeting Dates: First Saturday,  September and November, Third Saturday in February, Fourth Saturday in May


Cornwallis Lodge of Installed Masters No 9515

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Cornwallis Lodge Secretary: Karl Bowman
Telephone: 07974 396149
Website: None
Meeting Dates: Fourth Monday, February and September, Third Monday in June


Entente Cordiale Lodge No 9657

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Entente Cordiale Lodge Secretary: Alan D Hutcheson
Telephone: (0033) 6208 24966
Website: None
Meeting Dates: Fourth Saturday, March, October and November




Peace and Harmony Chapter No 199

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Peace & Harmony Chapter Scribe E: John Sarjeant
Telephone: 01304 208009
Meeting Dates: Third Tuesday January, April, June, October.
Installation: January
No. of Members: 35
Ritual: Own
COI: Thursday before each Regular Convocation.




Corinthian Chapter No 1208

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Corinthian Chapter Scribe E: Stephen Socci
Telephone: 07973 461725
Meeting Dates: First Wednesday March, May, October, December
Installation Date: October
Number of Members: 65
Ritual: Domatic
COI: First & Third Tuesday prior to Convocation.



Military Jubilee Chapter No 2195

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Military Jubilee Chapter Scribe E: R Seath
Telephone: 01304 825441
Meeting Dates: Second Wednesday, January, April, June, October

139 Snargate Street, Dover, CT17 9DA.  Parking: Restricted on street or a public car park.