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Cranbrook Lodges

The Masonic Hall, Hawkhurst Road, Hartley, Cranbrook. TN17 3QA. Tel: 01580 722648.

Parking: See bottom of page.


Crane Lodge No 2660

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Lodge Secretary: I.W.R. Burrows
Telephone: 01580 714066

Old Cranbrookian Lodge No 6877

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Old Cranbrookian Lodge Secretary: S.A. Kilbee
Telephone: 01843 295350

Staplehurst Lodge No 8145

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Staplehurst Lodge Secretary: Matthew Young
Telephone: 01580 893873

The Hawkhurst St. Laurence Lodge No 9690

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Hawkhurst St Laurence Lodge Secretary: Graham Holmes
Telephone: 01580 712653



Crane Chapter No 2660

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Scribe E: WD Lowder
Telephone: 01622 734045


The Centre is on the left hand side of the A229, Hawkhurst Road, from Maidstone and Cranbrook, heading south towards Hawhurst.

Past the turning for Cranbrook, you will pass the Angley School on the right. You have 1.5 miles still to travel. The road rises steadily to the houses at Hartley, peaking at the left hand junction  signposted ‘Tenterden B2086’. There the road dips sharply and almost immediately you pass the right hand junction (with Glassenbury Road, the B2085) signposted ‘Goudhurst/Tun.Wells (A262)’. 150 yards further on, the next turning on the right is a small, unnamed, tree-lined country lane where you can park. It is opposite a number of houses, including a small modern housing development.

Park on the right hand side of the lane. Do not park close to the junction. This is a HGV turning space.

Having parked, cross the main road and turn right. Approximately 150 yards down the road (passing Westfield Terrace) there is a gap in the hedge with concrete steps and a handrail leading down to the Centre.

There is no street lighting. A torch is advised!