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Lodges and Chapters
Group 4

Details of Lodges and Chapters in Group 4

If any details are not correct, please contact the Provincal Office as soon as possible.


St. Peter’s Place, Canterbury, CT1 2DA. (No telephone.) Parking: Very limited on site. Public car parks advised.

United Industrious Lodge Secretary: Roger Gabriel
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Installation: October
No. of Members: 47
Ritual: Own
LOI: 2nd & 4th Thurs August to May.

St. Augustine Lodge Secretary: Milan Antonijevic
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Installation: November
No. of Members: 68
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: 7:00pm Wednesdays, except Lodge meetings, September to May.

Royal Military Lodge Secretary: Arthur Pybus
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Installation: October
No. of Members: 36
Ritual: Emulation with variations
LOI: Every Monday except Lodge meetings. Sept to June

East Kent Masters’ Lodge Secretary: Robert Burns
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Installation: May.
No. of Members: 87
Ritual: Emulation 
LOI: None.

Stewards’ Lodge Secretary: Mark BassantNigel Fitz
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Installation: March
No. of Members: 152
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: None

Binnewith Lodge Secretary: Rodney Wilson
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Installation: February.
No. of Members: 38
Ritual: Emulation with variations
LOI: Every Tuesday September to May except Lodge meetings.

Simon Langton Lodge Secretary: John Axford
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Installation: May
No. of Members: 48
Ritual: Emulation with variations
LOI: The three Wednesdays prior to each meeting.

Christopher Marlowe Lodge Secretary: Andrew Trill
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Installation: December
No. of Members: 34
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Tuesdays, September to March.

Pentalpha Lodge Secretary: Roger Odd
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Installation: November
No. of Members: 33
Ritual: Emulation with variations
LOI: None.

Dane John Lodge Secretary: Victor Ride
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Installation: March.
No. of Members: 31
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Thursdays, October to May excluding Lodge Meetings.

Lodge Secretary: Stephen Barnes
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Installation: June.
No. of Members: 17
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: First & third Wednesdays in March, June & November.

Lodge Secretary: Graham Mitchell
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Installation: February
No. of Members: 33
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: As notified


Abbey Place, Faversham, ME13 7BG. No telephone. Parking: Concessionary at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, off Abbey Place, or on-street in Abbey Street.

Lodge of Harmony Secretary: Colin Harris
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Installation: May
No. of Members: 35
Ritual: Own
LOI: Second Wednesday every month.

Athelstan Lodge Secretary: Peter Jansen
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Installation: January
No. of Members: 55
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Two Fridays (previous to Lodge Meetings), October to May

Manor of Faversham Lodge Secretary: George Chandler
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Website: www.8248.co.uk
Installation: March
No. of Members: 37
Ritual: Antiquity
LOI: 7:45 pm Tuesdays, September to May


Cecil Park, Herne Bay, CT6 6DL. Tel: 01227 375646. Parking: On-street


Ethelbert Lodge Secretary: Reginald Millsom
Email: Click Here
Installation: October
No. of Members: 33
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: 7:30pm Tuesdays, September to August.

Ardea Lodge Secretary: Robert Watt
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Installation: February.
No. of Members: 30
Ritual: Nigerian Emulation.
LOI: Every Monday, September to May, except the fourth Monday. 

Nicholas Ridley Lodge Secretary: Brian Blake
Email: Click Here
Installation: December
No. of Members: 13
Ritual: Nigerian Emulation
LOI: The two Sundays before Installation, and 2 Wednesdays before each meeting. 

Sharpers Hall Lodge Secretary: Colin Boddington
Email: Click Here
Installation: January.
No. of Members: 28
Ritual: Taylors
LOI: Every Thursday, September to June.


150 Cromwell Road, Whitstable, CT5 1NA.Tel: 01227 264770. 

Graystone Lodge SecretaryMark Sparshatt
Email: Click Here
Installation: October
No. of Members: 26
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Thursdays, except second, September to May.

Swakely Lodge Secretary: Keith Wildey
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Installation: October
No. of Members: 36
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Each Friday from January to December except Lodge meetings & Public Holidays.

Graveney Lodge Secretary: Raymond Watson
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Installation: November
No. of Members: 25
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Second, third, fourth and fifth Tuesdays.

Chestfield Lodge SecretaryM.F.Napper
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Installation: February
No. of Members: 31
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: First & second Wednesdays every month & last two Saturdays every month, excluding June, July, August & December.

Meeting Dates of All Orders

Key to Table

M = Monday           So, 1M = 1st Monday in the Month etc....
TU = Tuesday
W = Wednesday
TH = Thursday
F = Friday
SAT = Saturday
SU = Sunday                        I=Installation Meeting

Group 4

  Canterbury           Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept  Oct Nov Dec
    Craft United Industrious Lodge 31 31 18:00 17:00 1TH 1TH 1TH 1TH 1TH       1TH 1TH(I) 1TH 1TH
      St Augustine Lodge 972 972 17:30 17:00 3W 3W 3W 3W 3W       3W 3W 3W(I) 3W
      Royal Military Lodge 1449 1449 18:30 16:30   2M 2M 2M 2M 2M       2M(I) 2M 2M
      East Kent Masters Lodge 3931 3931 17:30 15:00 Dover 3F   3F   3F(I)           3F   
      Kent Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 5866 5866 11:00 11:00     4SAT(I)   3SAT       2SAT      
      Binnewith Lodge 6338 6338 18:30 17:00   1TU(I) 1TU 1TU 1TU          1TU 1TU 1TU
      Simon Langton Lodge 7586 7586 18:00 16:30 2F   2F   2F(I)         2F   2F
      Christopher Marlowe Lodge 8014 8014 18:00 16:15 1F 1F 1F 1F           1F 1F 1F(I)
      Pentalpha Lodge of East Kent 8535 8535 17:30 17:30       3TU   3TU     3TU   4TU(I)  
      Dane John Lodge 8810 8810 18:30 16:30 2TH 2TH 2TH(I) 2TH 2TH         2TH 2TH  
      East Kent Wheel of Friendship Lodge 9750 9750 09:30 09:30     4SAT     4SAT(I)     4SAT   4SAT  
      Sir Edward Elgar Lodge 9837 9837 18:00 18:00   2TU(I)       2TU         3TU  
    Royal Arch Bertha 31 31 18:30 17:30   4W   4W         4W   4W(I)  
    Royal Arch St Augustine Chapter 972 972 18:00 18:00   1M   1M(I)         3M    1M  
    Royal Arch East Kent First Principals Chapter 3981 3981 17:30 17:30           1TH(I)           2TU 
    Royal Arch East Kent Provincial Grand Stewards' Chapter 5866 5866 18:00 18:00 Last TU         1TU(I)     1TU      
    Mark Cantwara-Byrig Lodge 1168           3TH(I)           3TH   3TH  
    Knight Templar Black Prince 146               1F 2F       3F(I)   3F(Malta)
    Mark St. Martin's 262       4F(I)   4F 4F           4F    
    Royal Ark Mariner St Vincent 262       4SAT      4F         3TH      
    Rose Croix Ethelbert 82         3F     4F       4F   4F( E)  
    Royal and Select Masters The Invicta Council 14           1M     1M(I)           1M
    Royal and Select Masters Kings of Kent Council 316                 2TH(ST)     4TU (White Horse Council) Bromley      
    Allied Masonic Degrees Canterbury Council 65         3M       2M       4M(I)    
    Knight Templar Priests Cantaur 26           4TH           2TH      
    St Thomas of Acon Canterbury Chapel 7  * execept when there is a 5th Sat             1Sat morning             3SAT morning *  
    Athelstan The Court of King Ethelbert 56         3TU     3TU(I)             3TU
    Pilgrim Preceptors Cantium Conclave 12       3TH         3TH(I)            
4 Faversham           Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept  Oct Nov Dec
    Craft Lodge of Harmony 133 133 18:00 16:30 1M 1M 1M 1M 1TU(I)         1M 1M 1M
      Athelstan Lodge 4024 4024 18:30 16:30 3M(I) 3M 3M 3M 3M         3M 3M 3M
      Manor of Faversham Lodge 8248 8248 18:30 16:30 4TH 4TH 4TH(I) 4TH           4TH 4TH  
    Royal Arch Chapter of Harmony 133 133 18:00 18:00   3TH(I)   3TH           3TH 3TH  
    Mark Lodge of Harmony 984         2M   2M(I)           2M 2M  
    Royal Ark Mariner Lodge of Harmony 984       1TH   1TH   1TH(I)             1TH
    Rose Croix Harmony Jubilee Chapter 834       Last Mon ( E)       2M         4M    
    Red Cross of Constantine Christ Church Conclave 233         2W     2W           1W( E)  
    Athelstan The Court of King Stephen 140       2TH           1TH   1TH      
  Herne Bay           Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept  Oct Nov Dec
    Craft Ethelbert Lodge 2099 2099 18:30 16:30     2TU 2TU         2TU 2TU(I) 2TU 2TU
      Ardea Lodge 6717 6717 18:30 16:30   4M(I) 4M 4M 4M       4M 4M 4M 4M
      Nicholas Ridley Lodge 8094 8094 18:30 16:00   3W     3W       3W     1SAT(I)
      Sharpers Hall Lodge 9196 9196 17:30 16:00 3TH(I)   3TH   3TH       3TH   3TH  
    Royal Arch St George's Chapter 2099 2099 18:30 18:00     3TU(I)   3TU        3TU    3TU   
    Royal Arch Spinnaker Chapter 8395 8395 18:00 18:00     1F(I)   2F         1F     
    Mark Herne Bay Lodge 771         1W   1W(I)           1W   1W
  Whitstable           Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept  Oct Nov Dec
    Craft Graystone Lodge 1915 1015 18:30 17:00 2TH 2TH 2TH 2TH 2TH 2TH       2TH(I) 2TH 2TH
      Swakely Lodge 6634 6634 18:30 17:30   1F 1F 1F 2F 1F       1F(I) 1F 1F
      Graveney Court Lodge 8637 8637 18:15 17:00   1TU 1TU 1TU   1TU         1TU(I) 1TU
      Chesfield Lodge 9058 9058 16:00 16:00   1SAT(I) 1SAT 1SAT           1SAT 2SAT  
    Royal Arch Graystone Chapter 1915 1915 18:00 18:00 Last TU   Last TU Last TU           Last TU(I)    
    Mark Whitstable Lodge 938       3W(I)   3W           3W   3W  
    Royal Ark Mariner Nore Lodge 938           3W   3W(I)       3W   3W  
    Society of Operative Masons Reculver Towers Assemblage       3M(P)         3M       3M    
    Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia St Augustine College 61       1F       1W       1M(I)      
    Rose Croix The Whitstable Chapter         3W   3W           3W( E)