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Lodges and Chapters
Group 3

Details of Lodges and Chapters in Group 3

If any details are not correct, please contact the Provincal Office as soon as possible.


7 Albany Road, Sittingbourne, ME10 1EB. Tel: 01795 423473. Parking: Limited spaces at Hall via Albany Road Car Park.

St. Michaels’ Lodge SecretaryDavid Mantle
Email: Click Here
No. of Members: 42
Ritual: Emulation

Middleton Manor Lodge SecretaryRobert Thorne
Email: Click Here
Website: https://www.middletonmanor6337.co.uk
Installation: January
No. of Members: 39
Ritual: Own West End
LOI: Every Tuesday, except Second Tuesday, January to May and September to December.

Saedingburna Lodge SecretaryKeith Whitby
Email: Click Here
Installation: March
No. of Members: 31
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Mondays prior to Lodge Meeting

Renham Lodge Secretary: Peter Shrewsbury
Email: Click Here
Installation: April
No. of Members: 23
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Tuesdays Sept to May & 4th Tues in May

Gore Court Lodge Secretary: John Williams
Email: Click Here
Installation: February
No. of Members: 51
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: 7:30pm Thursday, September to May

Spirit of Rugby Lodge Secretary: Andrew Stevens
Email: Click Here
Installation: February
No. of Members: 58
Ritual: Own
LOI: None


5 St. George’s Avenue, Sheerness, ME12 1QX. Telephone Hall: 01795 662087, Steward: 01795 663292. Parking: Trinity Road Car Park or adjacent on-street parking.

Adams Lodge SecretaryPeter J Pordage
Email: Click Here
Installation: May
No. of Members: 47
Ritual: Own
LOI: Senior:  Fourth Monday August to May. Junior:  Third Tuesday every month

De Shurland Lodge Secretary: David Wraight
Email: Click Here
Installation: September
No. of Members: 33
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Monday week prior to Lodge Meeting, September to May

United Service Lodge SecretaryKenneth Flanagan
Email: Click Here
Installation: October
No. of Members: 42
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: First Friday in every month

Queenborough Lodge Secretary: Brian Creasey
Email: Click Here
Installation: December
No. of Members: 57
Ritual:  Emulation
LOI: First Thursday and Fourth Monday September to May

Isle of Sheppey Lodge SecretaryTony Craig
Email: Click Here
Installation: October
No. of Members: 45
Ritual: Emulation Nigerian
LOI: First Wednesday and Friday before First Thursday, September to April

Nore Command Lodge SecretaryPaul Pavitt
Email: Click Here
Installation: April
No. of Members: 45
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Saturday prior to meeting and every first Wednesday, January to December


The Howard Memorial Hall, Woodside, Wigmore, Gillingham

Lodge Secretary: Richard Ebanks
Email: Click Here
Installation: April
No. of Members: 34
Ritual: Taylors
LOI: Fourth Wednesday, Sept to May and 2nd Wed in December. 

Lodge Secretary: John Welton
Email: Click Here
Installation: November
No of Members: 31
Ritual: Complete (Amended)
LOI: 1st and 3rd Mondays

Lodge Secretary: P C Buckingham
Email: Click Here
Installation: October
No of Members: 23
Ritual: Taylors
LOI: 7:30pm Thursday, Sept to April

Lodge Secretary: Barry Rogers
Email: Click Here
Installation: February
No of Members: 23
Ritual: Antiquity
LOI: 7:30pm every Monday, Setp – May

Lodge Secretary: Russell Price
Email: Click Here
Installation: May
No of Members: 35
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: 1st & 4th Wed, Jan, Feb, March, April, May, October, November, 4th Wed Sept & 1st Wed December

Lodge Secretary: Anthony Bishop
Email: Click Here
Installation: October
No of Members: 22
Ritual: Own Ritual
LOI: 7:30pm each Fri, except the 2nd in the Months, Sept to march and the 1st Friday April

Lodge Secretary: Robert Walker
Email: Click Here
Installation: July
No of Members: 17
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Three Fridays before each meeting

Lodge Secretary: Richard Cooper
Email: Click Here
Installation: March
No of Members: 25
Ritual: Nigerian
LOI: 7:30pm Tuesdays, Sept to April

Lodge Secretary: David Llewellyn
Email: Click Here
Installation: January
No of Members: 42
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: Shorne Village Hall, First, Second and Fourth Mondays, Oct to March

Lodge Secretary: Paul King
Email: Click Here
Installation: November
No of Members: 11
Ritual: Emulation
LOI: 7:30pm Tuesdays, September to April

Meeting Dates of All Orders

Key to Table

M = Monday           So, 1M = 1st Monday in the Month etc....
TU = Tuesday
W = Wednesday
TH = Thursday
F = Friday
SAT = Saturday
SU = Sunday                        I=Installation Meeting

Group 3

  Sheerness           Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept  Oct Nov Dec
    Craft Adams Lodge 158 158 18:30 15:00   1TU 1TU 1TU 2SAT(I) 1TU     1TU 1TU 1TU 1TU
      De Shurland Lodge 1089 1089 18:30 18:30 3W 3W 3W 3W 3W(I)       3W(I) 3W  3W 3W
      United Service Lodge 3124 3124 18:30 15:00 2F 2F 2F 2F 2F        2F 2SAT(I)    
      Queenborough Lodge 3893 3893 18:00 15:00 2TH 2TH 2TH 2TH 2TH       2TH 2TH 2TH 2TH(I)
      Isle of Sheppey Lodge 6769 6769 18:30 15:30 4TH 4TH 4TH 4TH         4TH 4TH(I) 4TH  
      Nore Command Lodge 9199 9199 15:30 15:00 4SAT     4SAT(I)   4SAT     4SAT   4SAT  
    Royal Arch Adam's Chapter 158 158 18:30 18:30   4W(I)     4W       4W   4W   
    Royal Arch United Service Chapter 3124 3124 18:30 18:00     3M   3M(I)       3M   3M  
    Mark Adam's Lodge 6           2W           2W   2W(I)  
    Royal Ark Mariner Adam's Lodge 6       2W       2W         2W(I)    
    Rose Croix The Eternal Wisdom Chapter 1021       1st 5th Wednesday of the year         4W       2F( E)    
    Red Cross of Constantine Saint Sexburga Conclave 352         4TU   4TU( E)             4TU  
3 Sittingbourne           Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept  Oct Nov Dec
    Craft St Michael's Lodge 1273 1273 18:00 17:00 2W 2W 2W 2W 2W       2W 2W(I) 2W 2W
      Middleton Manor Lodge 6337 6337 18:30 16:30 2TU(I) 2TU   2TU 2TU         2TU 2TU  
      Saedingburna Lodge 6728 6728 18:30 18:00   1W 1SAT(I) 1W           1W 1W 1W
      Renham Lodge 8211 8211 11:00 15:00   4TH   Last SAT (I)         4TH   4TH  
      Gore Court Lodge 8231 8231 16:00 15:30   2SAT(I)   2SAT 3SAT         2SAT  4SAT  
      Spirit of Rugby Lodge 9922 9922 18:30 18:00   3M(I)   3M         3M    3M  
    Royal Arch Gore Court Chapter 8231 8231 15:30 15:30 3SAT   3SAT(I)     2SAT     3SAT       
    Mark St Micheal's Lodge 1089       3TH(I)   4TH   4TH         4th    
    Mark Millenium Lodge 1802       4SAT(I)         3SAT       3SAT    
    Royal Ark Mariner St Micheal's Lodge 1089           4TH   4TH           2TH(I)  
    Royal Ark Mariner Millenium Lodge 1802       1SAT(I)         3SAT       3SAT    
    Knight Templar Saint Michael's Preceptory 436           3TU(I)       1W     2TH    
    Rose Croix The Swale Chapter 657           3W     3W( E)     3W   3W  
    Order of the Secret Monitor Maeides Stana Conclave 341             3W   3W(I)       4W    
    Scarlet Cord Man of Kent Consistory 36 *Held at Margate         2F(I)*               4W    
  Wigmore           Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept  Oct Nov Dec
    Craft Honor Oak Lodge 1986 1986 18:00 17:30 2W   3M(I)   3W        1W 4TU 3M  
      King Edwards VII Lodge 3252 3252 18:45 15:30   2M 2M 2M 2M       2M 2M 2M(I) 2M
      Manor of Gillingham Lodge 3983 3983 18:30 15:30 4M 4M 4M 4M         4M 4M(I) 4M 3M
      Manor of Chatham Lodge 4688 5688 18:30 15:15   2W(I) 2W   2W       2W 2W  2W  
      Fraternitas Lodge 6046 6046 16:00 15:00   2SAT  2SAT 2SAT 2SAT(I)         2SAT 2SAT  2SAT
      Lodge of Wydemere 6282 6282 18:00 16:00 2F 2F 2F 2F         2F 2F(I) 2F 2F
      Durobrivae Lodge 6956 6956 18:30 15:30 1W 1W 1W 1W 1W(I)         1W 1W 1W
      City of Rochester Lodge 7941 7941 18:30 17:30   4W 4W(I) 4W           4W 4W 3W
      Dickens Lodge 8047 8047 18:30 16:00 3W(I) 3W 3W 3W           3W 3W  
      Fiat Lux Lodge 8893 8893 18:30 18:00 4F   4F 4F         4F   4SAT(I)  
    Royal Arch King Edward VII Chapter 3252 3252 18:30 18:30   4TU     4TU       4TU   4TU(I)  
    Mark St Peter's Lodge 842       1TH   1TH(I)     1TH         1TH  
    Royal Ark Mariner St Peter's Lodge 842       1st & 2nd 5th Wed, excluding January             1st 5th Wed after Aug (I)        
    Knight Templar Roffa's Camp Preceptory 224         4F     4F     4F     4F(I)  
    Knight Templar Priests Temple Manor Tabernacle 54             3M           3M(I)