Graham is getting the Snip!

Our Graham

picture of tools for cutting hair

Graham Skelton is getting the snip for the 2025 Festival. Yes he is having those lovely locks of hair cut off and in doing so, he is raising money for the 2025 Festival.

The following link can be used to support Graham to raise funds.

picture of Graham with his long hair.

YES, Graham Skelton is finally getting his haircut! In doing so he is raising money for the 2025 Festival.

Please support Graham and the festival by heading over to his donate page, links above and below.

The 2025 Festival is a period of 5 years in which here in East Kent, we are aiming to raise £3.5 million. The money raised goes to the Masonic Charitable Foundation. The money is not pooled and stored for the end of the festival in 2025, but rather given to the MCF as and when it comes in, that way, the MCF can support vital charities here and now, like the emergency relief aid in Turkey and Syria. See more here.

“Good on you Graham”

“I think it might make you look younger, but I have been wrong in the past.”

“Pony Tails were so yesterday Anyway!”

“Good on ya bud, will look days younger 😂”