Garden Gate Project

The Sequel



Garden Gate Project & Kingsgate Lodge – The Sequel

The connection of the Garden Gate Project, the charity and the Kingsgate Lodge No 4882 is well documented. The charity located in a secluded garden on the borders of Broadstairs and Margate helps those with mental health problems through gardening.  The Kingsgate Lodge assisted by other Lodges and Chapters in the Thanet area raised over £5000 to fund the installation for a solar panel based electrical supply system at the charity’s study room. This will facilitate work to be able to continue in the winter months and evenings. The Lodge’s Immediate Past Master Ian Day assisted by Lodge members Ian Gregory and Iain Smith, have now installed the system, mostly over the Christmas holiday but because of a delay in materials it was only recently completed.

On Sunday 24th February the Lodge held a luncheon at the nearby Northdown House to entertain the Lodge widows and afterward the diners made the short stroll in beautiful warm sunshine quite uncharacteristic for February, to the Garden Gate Project for the official hand over.  They were joined there by members of other Lodges who had contributed to the solar panel project and the assembled crowd were able to inspect the installation.

Ian Day thanked all those who had made large and small contributions to the success of the project and said he was delighted to officially hand over the system to the Garden Gate. In response, Paul Boyce the Garden Gate’s Manager thanked not only  Ian and his team, but masonry in general and the Kingsgate Lodge in particular for their support over the years. He said what a massive difference this installation would make to the work of the Garden Gate and invited those present to enjoy a cup of tea made with solar energy.

Peter Dickinson 1 March 2019

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