Fundraisers Participating in the Medway Freemasons Appeal for Ruby Young


The table below lists, in no particular order, those lodges, chapters, other groups and individuals that contributed in February 2015 to the Ruby Young Appeal:-

Beacon Court Lodge No 1967

Dickens Lodge No 8047

Mid-Kent Masters Lodge No 3173

Watch & Ward Lodge No 8809

King Edward VII Lodge No 3252

Fiat Lux Lodge No 8893

Rochester Lodge No 3494

RK Lodge of Antiquity No 20

Peace and Unity Lodge No 4101

Hundred of Hoo Lodge No 8986

White Ensign Gillingham Lodge No 4180

Pentalpha Lodge No 8535

St George’s Lodge No 4387

Lord Charles Beresford Lodge No 2404

Royal Engineers Chatham Lodge No 4465

Watch & Ward Chapter No 8809

Artifex Lodge No 4555

Royal Engineers Chapter No 4465

Fraternitas Lodge No 6046

Individual A

De Wydemere Lodge No 6282

Individual B

St Mary’s, Gillingham Green Lodge No 6499

Individual C

Durobrivae Lodge No 6956

Individual D

Balmoral Lodge No 7118

Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity

City of Rochester Lodge No 7941


Two other groups, many of whom are East Kent Freemasons, also contributed to the appeal; the Clay Shooting Section of the East Kent Provincial Sports Association and the Wildfire Encampment of the Knights of the Golden Horn.

One of the individuals, Worshipful Brother Jon Baker of the Rochester Lodge No 3494, raised £200 for the appeal while entertaining at Burns Suppers being held after some local lodge meetings in January. The three other individuals made personal donations and wish to remain anonymous.

Other lodges and chapters were still fundraising at the time of writing and their contributions will be sent to the appeal in the near future.

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