Foodbank Goes Ready Meals

With a BIG Help from Deal Freemasons


A picture of the front of the Masonic Centre in Deal

Crisis brings confusion, confusion needs clarity so tie up your shoes Brethren, time to go to work.

Lodge Caterers out of work, local people out of work and our food bank in high demand. Securing a generous on going supply of veg can only mean one thing Ready Meals.

That was the result of a recent meeting arranged by the Charity Steward of Wellington Lodge No784 with River Catering our Deal Masonic Centre caterer and the coordinator of the Deal Area Foodbank, apart from our usual donations, this initiative would apply a constructive donation with benefit all involved.

picture of Colin tonks and a helper from Deal Foodbank

The proposition required our caterer be remunerated to prepare, cook, package and freeze 20 pack Cottage pies and 20 pack Bangers and Mash per week, including a healthy portion of veg for toddlers. The response from and on behalf of all Deal Freemasons was tremendous and would be run as a combined initiative on behalf of all Deal Lodges Craft and Chapter alike for a ten week trial period before any re assessment to consider finding further funding, continue the venture and possibly increase supply. As food banks only usually supply ingredients, demand for precooked is high with people continuously requesting our ready meals.

Deliveries to the food bank began on 22ndApril and then twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays, then distributed on a daily basis.

A big thank you to all Deal Freemasons

Colin Tonks

Charity Steward / Almoner to Wellington Lodge No784

Deal Masonic Centre has 5 Masonic Lodges, they are.

  • Wellington Lodge No 784
  • The Lord Warden Lodge No 1096
  • George Hamilton Lodge No 3452
  • Globe and Laurel Lodge No 4657
  • Downs Lodge No 6855