First International Masonic Clay Shooting Competition.

On Saturday 7th September 2019, the National Association of Masonic Clay Shooting Societies will host the first ever International Competition at Doveridge Clay Shooting Ground in Derbyshire.

Two of East Kent Clay Shooting Team are primary organisers of this very prestigious event, Nick Jenkins Chairman and Roger Wilkes Secretary of the East Kent team have been working on the event for just under a year as they are Treasurer and Secretary of the National Association. 

The competition has been promoted by UGLE through Mike Baker Director of Communications and it has attracted interest from as far away as India, Jamaica, Cayman Islands as well as Scotland, Ireland, Wales, the Channel Islands and of course England.


Roger Wilkes from Loyal & True Lodge 4050 in Chatham, was tasked in finding the venue after which he was the contact for all entries and responsible for their registration, there are to date 122 competitors from six countries and from England 17 Provinces have entries taking part a great turn out for this first international event. 

The venue was chosen from 6 possible sites in the midlands which also had several international airports within easy travel and accommodation was also paramount in the planning.


The National Association of Masonic Clay Shooting Societies has only been in existence for 5 years with Roger being the founding Secretary along with Chairman Brian Saidman (Metropolitan Grand Lodge of London) and Vice Chairman  Mike Casey. (West Lanc’s)

Already they have planned and organised the Tercentenary celebration in 2017 designated the Jonathan Spence Challenge Cup (the Deputy Grand Master is the National Association’s Patron) however this latest is the biggest event to date and the province wishes them and their colleagues the very best of luck.

If you are a clay shooter interested in the provincial team or you would like to venture into the sport contact Roger on 07768 123449 or

Further details of the East Kent Clay Shooting Club can be found here. 

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