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Roy Coenye writes:

First, the bad news.

Like many Lodges and Chapters over the last few years, St George Abadan Chapter No.6058 has been faced with a membership crisis, many of its former leaders having to be recycled through the various offices. Attendance was down after the COVID pandemic, as several of our more vulnerable older members were dubious as to whether the pandemic was really over.

Members of St George Abadan Chapter dressed in their Chapter Regalia.

Now for the good news.

Persistence and dedication of regulars has finally paid off. On the very warm evening of June 22nd an unusual Convocation (regular meeting) took place. Never, since its formation in 1983, has such an occasion occurred.

St George Abadan Chapter’s membership increased from thirty-one to thirty-six in one evening! A veritable ‘explosion’ for us!

We balloted for, and accepted, three joining members – and we introduced (exalted) two Master Masons, neighbours Adam Herbert and Charlie Twiner from St Andrews Lodge No.3948.  In a double ceremony!

Holy Royal Arch Regalia

The three joining members, Allen Williams, Mark Lawson and Keith Woollven, had chosen St George Abadan as their new Chapter after the closure of the General Gordon Chapter. Two of them were quickly pressed into service: Mark was immediately invested as Scribe N and Keith assisted as 2nd Principal for the evening.

Guest Danny Firth of the St Peter’s Chapter No.4193 then gave an excellent lecture, after which we retired for a splendid Festive Board.

And the good news doesn’t stop there: St George Abadan Chapter has two more candidates in the wings for its October and January Convocations!

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