East Kent Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter

waits 40 years for their Banneer.







This article uses lots of accronims, see the bottom of thearticle for an explanation. 

On the 28th January at Canterbury The East Kent Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter, who were chartered in 1979, finally received their long-awaited banner at an exceptional dedication ceremony.

The Prestigious Temple at Canterbury with its cathedral stalls was the setting for the presentations that finally fulfilled years of waiting. The Chapter banner had been, designed, cleared by SGC and produced to the high quality that the Chapter was expecting and was about to be presented and dedicated to the Chapter.

The temple was totally full and silent, as the ceremony started with the hymn “Oh God our help in ages past”

East Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter No 5866, which was constituted and consecrated in 1979 with 19 Founders: the Primus First Principal was E Comp ‘Rolly’ Spiller, a PPr2ndGPrin, not unsurprisingly this Chapter has counted many eminent Companions amongst its members. Along with the Commemoration Chapter, it was one of the first two Chapters to be consecrated in the Province. The MEGSupt at the time was the then second Baron Cornwallis.

A picture of the new banner in all its splendour.

As we are all probably aware, banners, which are also called standards or ensigns, have been used throughout history, to establish a sense of identity and provide a focus for all those who range under them. In Masonry banners have always been an integral part of the furnishing and equipment of Masonic units. In the Craft; Lodges, Provinces, Districts and of course Grand Lodge, have all felt it necessary to have their own banner to mark their identity within the fraternity, but in the Royal Arch banners and ensigns have an additional, very significant and important purpose.

The East Kent Provincial Grand Stewards new banner, depicts a cornucopia overflowing with fruit, contained within the sacred delta and adorned with the triple tau, all surmounted by Invicta. The word cornucopia is from the Latin ’cornu copiae’ translates as ‘Horn of Plenty’, it has been the style of a Grand Steward’s Jewel since 1835 and, as we know, it’s duplicated on Steward’s Apron. See picture below.

Picture of the cornucopia and triple tau as shown of the new banner.

The Triple Tau is set within a triangle, representing the Sacred Delta, which in turn is set within a circle, representing eternity, for as the circle is without beginning or end.

So it may justly be deemed emblematic of God, who is without beginning of days and end of years. Invicta has been the motto of Kent since the invasion of England by William the Conqueror and actually means ‘unconquered’ and provides a direct link with our Province.

The banner is vibrant, colourful and well befits this esteemed Chapter. The Companions will now have a focal point to rally to and work behind. The banner will be a constant reminder to them of the dedication of their Founders, and their wisdom in creating this Chapter.

The dedication ceremony continued with the entrance of the banner escorted by the Chapter Sojourners with a further hymn and prayers by the 3rd Provincial Grand Principal .The banner was then presented in a ceremony by both the 2nd and 3rd Provincial Grand Principals to the MEZ of the Chapter EComp David Kershaw DepGSupt. The ceremony concluded with an address by the MEZ .

“May this banner ever serve as a physical emblem of Faith in the Most High Unity in our conduct with all mankind and Zeal to perpetuate the principals of our Order.”

Abbreviations and their meanings. 

  • SGC – Supreme Grand Chapter

  • PPr2ndGPrin –  Past 2nd Provincial Grand Principal

  • MEGSupt –  Most Excellent Grand Superintendent

  • MEZ of the Chapter. – this is the 1st Principle or head of the Chapter

  • EComp – Excellant Companion. 

  • DepGSupt – Deputy Grand Superintendent
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