Nick Jenkins and Roger Wilkes.

East Kent Masonic Clay Shooters join the Clay Shooting National Governing Body

The East Kent club is an integral part of the National Association of Masonic Clay Shooting Societies and two of its members play an important part within the national association.  Nick Jenkins, who is East Kent’s Chairman, is the national associations Treasurer and Roger Wilkes, who is East Kent’s Secretary fills the same roll within the national association. Both have been instrumental in the organisation and running of both bodies and for some time have devoted a great deal of time into the organisation of national and international competitions. During the Tercentenary year and as a part of the national celebrations, they were heavily involved in running the “Jonathan Spence Challenge Cup” a competition open to freemasons nationally, this event attracted 186 shooters and raised many thousands of pounds for charity.  Last year they organised and ran the very first International Masonic Clay Shooting Championship which attracted 126 shooters from Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Jersey, India and of course England, and again raised a substantial amount which was given to charities nationally, this event was won by England and this year 2020 it will be hosted by Scotland, Pandemic permitting.

During this time Roger, the Secretary, suggested to the national association that they may be eligible to join the sport’s National Governing Body, the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association, and with their agreement began the arduous task of completing the mammoth exercise of fulfilling the criteria required to present their application for membership which was submitted in November 2019.  As the national association does not own a shooting ground one of the major criteria was not possible however we were eligible for consideration as Associate Members which offers the same concessions and privileges as the armed forces, county constabularies, universities and emergency services. This was welcomed by the national association as it offered access to the governing bodies monthly magazine and yet another opportunity for freemasons to show that they were open and proud of their membership of the fraternity as well as their membership of the CPSA.  We also had the chance to offer articles promoting masonic clay shooters and their provincial societies in several other national magazines and thereby further promoting freemasonry and its clay shooters to a new and interested public. We have also welcomed invitations to many police, army and cooperate clay shooting competitions where we have taken our sail flags and small banners to promote masonic clay shooting groups, we are entering another new area where the public will see freemasons proudly waving the flag at clay shooting grounds throughout England and Wales.

About Us

The Province of East Kent Clay Pigeon Shooting Club had its genesis following a home counties inter-provincial competition in the summer of 2008 when W.Bro. Roger Wilkes approached the editor of “The Provincial” to include a small article enquiring if there were any other Freemasons in the Province with an interest in clay pigeon shooting. This, almost immediately, brought a response from 7 fellow shooters and the first meeting of these took place at Hawley Shooting Ground, near Dartford, at the beginning of November 2008.

If you are interested in joining the club, see this link and contact Roger and the Team. 

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