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Roger Wilkes

Roger Wilkes

East Kent fall short of a win

On Saturday 7th. May 2022 the provincial clay shooting club accepted the invitation to visit our brethren in East Sussex, at the very beautiful Northall Clay Shooting Club, which is situated just south of Forrest Row. 

We have been visiting this ground on many occasions over the years, but until a year or so ago East Sussex did not have a masonic clay shooting society, something we’re proud to say we assisted them in setting up. 

The ground is about an hour away from Kent so the journey is comfortable, and well worth the visit.

The morning started as all shoots should, with a hearty breakfast, followed by the 10 of us splitting into squads with our East Sussex colleagues.

I would like to say at this point that we were well on form but sadly this was not the case and East Sussex stole the win by a handful of clays leaving us to plan our revenge for the return shoot here at home.

Our team was made up from Bernie Connolly our Chairman, Roger Wilkes, Nick Jenkins, Rob Styles, Steve Ball, Gary Cordier, Dave Beaumont, Martin Heddle, Mick Daly and Kevin Riley. 

As always the day was spent in great company where we were hosted by truly masonic enthusiasm and friendship.


If you  would like to join the Masonic East Kent Clays, drop an email to Roger.



East Kent v Sussex 2022 group photo
East Kent v Sussex 2022 group photo
Rob prepares to fire

A great Club and a truly friendly bunch of guys, always welcoming, always helpful. Come and Join Us. 


Member of the East Kent Clays