East Kent Clay Shooters Visit the Province of Essex

A very bright and fairly warm Saturday recently saw ten members of the provincial clay shooting team cross the Thames into Essex for our annual shoot on their home ground.  We met our opposition at the Black Bull public house in the delightful village of Fyfield where we were to enjoy a great full English breakfast before heading off to the shooting ground located just outside of the village.  The shoot was over 10 stands with 10 clays on each with each target representing a bird in flight or a rabbit running, the ground is very well kept and the targets challenging especially the High Tower (or as we call it the very-very high tower).  As always, we were split into groups where members from each province make up the squad and as we have shot with out Essex colleagues many times this is always a chance to catch up with the news.

After a great shoot that encouraged a good deal of “Banter” the scores were calculated, as always, we agree before the shoot begins which scores are to be included either the highest three from each team or the highest five, on this occasion it was the highest three where I regret to admit that Essex beat the East Kent team by seven clays.  Maybe our revenge will come in September when Essex visits us for the return shoot.

We visit several of the nearby provinces each year and in May we travel to East Sussex to shoot against them, in June we travel to Norfolk for the national masonic Clay Shooting Championships and in July we have the Home Counties Inter-Provincial Competition so the programme is quite full.  Any clay shooters out there that would like to join the provincial team please get in touch as we meet every month at one of Kent’s shooting grounds.

If you are interested in joining the East Kent Clays, or having a go at Clay pigeon shooting, head over to their page on this site and contact Rob, he would love to hear from you.