Donations to buy 3.6 tonnes of food by East Kent Freemasons

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In order to support as many vulnerable families as possible, East Kent Freemasons,

donated funds to the Family Food Bank in Kent and many other established Food Banks, enabling them to supply in excess of 80,000 meals.

During this pandemic, there has been an increase of 150% in families and individuals requiring help. To make matters worse, local donations of food to Food Banks have dried up, leading to extra costs.

 Paul Underdown our Operations Manager for the Food Bank said:

 “There has been such a big demand for our food parcels over recent weeks, this donation from East Kent Freemasons could not have come at a better time. It will make a big difference to us. Potentially 8000 people will benefit from this donation”.

To qualify for help at a food bank, families and individuals must be referred by an organisation (or profession) such as Care Navigators Gateways, Probation Services, Sure Start, Social Services, Housing Association, Citizens Advice Bureau, Age UK, Churches, Schools, Doctors and Nurses. (for links to these organisations, see below)

 The Head of East Kent Freemasons Neil Hamilton Johnstone said:

 “A number of families need support but this virus has made life difficult for so many more people in different types of employment and self-employment, lost jobs or had their wages cut. So we are only too pleased to help. Our members across East Kent are all trying to help in different ways where they can”.

In order to try and support as many people as possible they are now only offering a single food parcel. This food parcel will roughly have enough food to create 32 meals and will weigh 12kg.

 Mark Christopher Bassant from the Freemasons Charity said:

“We are pleased that our donation is going to help those in need. We are also looking at other ways how we can support charities, good causes and community groups in and around East Kent”.

People who need help should contact, Social Services, Housing Association, Citizens Advice Bureau, Age UK

People who need help should contact, Social Services, Housing Association, Citizens Advice Bureau, Age UK.

LINKS to Organisations mentioned in this article. 

Ian Townsend- Blazier, Charities Business development Manager.


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