“Digesting the information”

after a hearty breakfast


Picture of Richard Dixy, a visiting volunteer standing next to the MCF banner

Wow what a breakfast

Digesting the information, after a hearty breakfast

Picture of Peter Rhodes and Miki Travis addressing the meeting

A breakfast morning to enlighten group 7 area, on the benefits of the Masonic Charitable fund and the wealth of information available on your province 2.

The morning started with a hearty breakfast at the masonic hall, Dover, this was followed by several speakers, first up was Peter Rhodes along with Miki Travis, they went in to detail about the Masonic Charitable fund and why it’s important to support the 2025 festival and the various ways which you can make the most of your donations.

The provincial education officer Stephen Salisbury gave a short talk on the advantages of masonic education and encouraged members to point new members in that direction.

Kevin Kemp, of Septem lodge, Dover, informed the group how the Masonic Charitable Fund helps members, he pointed out that 1 in 30 members receives help form the fund.

David Alexandra, spoke about the benefits of Your province 2 which gives members a wealth of information for, lodge offices, the shop for Merchandise, learning and development  and much more, you can join be registering at https://yourprovince.org/yp2/

On his maiden outing as Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Trevor Carter attended the breakfast meeting, he spoke about the importance of communications, how news items from lodges can help membership, and pointed out that if a lodge has an event coming up, the comms team will be delighted to help promote it.

Images from the breakfast event

The tables are set for an hearty breakfast
Members of the province sitting at the tables eating the breakfast before the talks begin
A picture of David Alexander giving a talk about YP2 website
an image of the full fried breakfast
image of Steven Salisbury talking about education



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