Didn't We Have A Lovely Day!

The day started with It's a Knockout

Saturday 16th July 2022, saw members of the Craft and Chapter joining together with friends and family for the long-awaited return to the wonderful setting of Godmersham Park.

Teams arrived from 0800 and registered for the It’s a Knockout competition, with family and friends for a day of inflatable fun!

After short briefing the teams were ready and had their strategies set, and on the sound of the Claxton the games had begun.

The games were all played on the inflatables and were the Bondi Beach, Hire tunnels Sausages, and the post box.


picture of the its a knockout teams

A short break was taken due to the heat and some refreshments were enjoyed, with food cooked from the Garden Fest Team, along with an early look at how the Garden Fest was shaping up for the afternoon.

Back to the course and with the teams for Ladders, flip-flop the British airways slide and concluding with the Bubble pit.

After dealing with a steward’s enquiry of cheating in the bubble pit, with teams hiding each other’s ball in the foam, it was decided that no such act could be undertaken by a mason and the scores were locked in!

In 3rd place was the ‘Judges Advocates, on 45 points, 2nd place ‘Tings terrors’ on 51 points, and the undisputed winners were ‘The Pays Septem’ edging along with 53 points.

All were suitably rewarded with medals and later presented with some fine bubbles on the stage during the garden Fest By the Provincial Grand Master.

From the 2025 events Manager Chris Watson ‘I can’t thank all the teams enough for entering and taking part. This really has been great event, and the weather has been on our side. It’s been a pleasure working along side the teams and Phil Pike from the ‘It’s a knockout Team’,

Well done to the top 3 places they certainly put the effort in.

It has been so nice to see all the friends and family enjoying the action from the side lines and enjoying the lovely surrounding the park has to offer.’

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