When confronted with donating money to the 2025 Festival and still wanting to support his local charities Mick Rendell came up with the idea of supporting both. Please see his story below:  

My Prudential Ride, London 100 Journey. 

On 4th August I rode 100 miles in Prudential Ride London 100. For those that don’t know it is like the London Marathon for cyclists with more than 25,000 riders and follows the 2012 Olympic Course including the Leaf Hill and Box Hill circuit.

I’m a regular cyclist and had previously been unsuccessful entering the Ballot for places in previous years. Last year I allowed my fitness to slide and, on the 22nd December, received an email offering VIP places at £250 per entry. I decided to forget the ballot and buy an entry. You were required to buy two, so I paid for two places and then invited a friend and colleague to have the additional place. It was £500 well spent and the whole event was fantastic.

It gave me the focus I needed to get my training back on track and on 14th of July I completed a 100 event to make sure I had the legs to complete the Pru100. Although this was a personal entry, I had paid for I decided to raise for a charity. My family are lucky and have not suffered from any serious or long-term problems, so we do not have an automatic chosen charity.

Like all of us life rolled on and by the end of June I had done nothing about raising money for Charity. However, I attended a wedding and I decided to raise money for Diabetes UK because Molly the daughter of a good friend at the wedding had been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a few weeks earlier just before her 18th birthday. Slim, fit and healthy and one of 3 triplets but it can just occur and did. At 18 I could eat, drink and do what I wanted with little regard for health etc, she now has to monitor her sugar levels, have injections and watch what she eats and drinks every day, which is very challenging and something an 18 year old shouldn’t have to deal with.

To reinforce this Karen who works for one of my clients was also entered in the RideLondon event and raising money for Diabetes UK because she has a daughter who was diagnosed with the condition 7 years ago at age 7. Then whilst discussing my intentions my own PA said that she has a nephew who has just been diagnosed at age 12 and the son of a very good friend was diagnosed at a very early age and he has still made it on to the Olympic Talent Program for Swimming. All of these have the support of their families and the NHS so don’t need personal help but any donations will help develop better management options and perhaps a “cure” in the future to alleviate the need to monitoring and injections. 

So, with less than 3 weeks to go I set up the JustGiving page and announced my intention to raise money for Diabetes UK. Having paid £500 for the places I set the target at £500 and thought that would be a reasonable amount. I thought I was too busy as we all are but the amount quickly started to rise and more and more people share their experiences of Diabetes with me. 

The ride/event was fantastic and I have already entered the Ballot for next year. Riding through London on roads I normally drive was a blast and it was weird that I would reach a place and look up and think are I know where I am now. I was hoping to do the 100 miles in 6 hours but my riding time was 5:43:24 so very happy plus on Box Hill I got passed by 3 cyclists at the very start of the hill but once I got into my stride I was only passed by one other cyclist, which really put a smile on my face.

 The crowds were fantastic people standing and sitting outside their houses cheering every rider on, there was even a woman in her dressing gown, obviously up later than we were with a 6.00 o’clock sign on. I tried to say thank you to all but there were thousands out on the course all the way around. 

Coming into Horse Guards and seeing my daughter standing ready to take some photos was great and then another 500m and it was all over. Having finished the 100 miles we were so elated, me and my riding partner Steve completely forgot to take the standard finish line Photo, so the garden one will have to do. It took an extra day as I had to wait for the Diabetes UK top to come out of the wash, I wasn’t putting it back on the next day after 6 hours of cycling (sweating) then stuck in my bag overnight. 

Currently the total is just over £1,000 and I still need to collect more from pledges already made. Having completed the event on Sunday on Monday I signed up again for 2020 and registered my intention to raise donations again for Diabetes UK. Thank you again to all who have donated so far and still collecting if you’ve forgot. Please see the link below or contact me directly.

Many people like one of my best friends who was only 14 when his father died, have given donation because they know someone very close who has Diabetes or has sadly died because of the complications it brings. Thank you and anyone riding in 2020 I’ll see you next year.