Dark Blues v East Kent Light Blues Brothers (EKLBB)

October saw the East Kent Masonic Golf association Link with the East kent Light Blue brothers to launch the inaugural “David Graeme Cup” at Broome Park

Our very own David Graeme “launched the event” in an explosive manner.   (Thanks to a little theatrical help by our newest APGM Mark Costelloe)

To watch the video click:  (and it’s worth watching till the end)

Arranging this to be COVID secure was a challenge, and a huge vote of thanks needs to go to the Management of Broome Park for their assistance.    Similarly to David Graeme, Fraser Gregory (EKLBB) and Mark Costelloe who all helped make the day run smoothly

The full results are shown below, but the other awards went to:

Nearest the Pin 2nd Hole:   Jess Roullier
Nearest the Pin 6th Hole:    Kevin Hann
Nearest the Pin 13h Hole:  Not one of the 51 Players hit the green!
Nearest the Pin 17h Hole: Nigel Mann

Longest Drive 9th Hole:  Ben Emberley  (eclipsing both Mark Costelloe & Paul McGuirk by around 40 yards!)

Final Scores:
Dark Blues 15pts V EKLBB / Light Blues 11 pts


Due to the varying numbers, we had some Light Blues playing for the Dark Blue Team and the results were as follows:

* Mark Costelloe (Dark Blue)  Beat Fraser Gregory (LIght Blue)
* Terry Hall (Dark Blue)  Beat Michael Scurfield (Light Blue)
* Tam Drain (Dark Blue)  Beat David Berwick (Light Blue)
* Nick Alder (Dark Blue)  Beat Gary Gillespie (Light Blue)
* Mick Nash & Colin Aris  Halved their match
* Keith Miller & Derek Smith Halved their match
* Ian Tremmelling (Dark Blue)  Lost  to Andy Moss (Light Blue)
* Ian Tremmelling (Dark Blue) Lost to Leon Zacharow (Light Blue) 
(Ian had to face two opponents thanks to a late cancellation)
*Francisco Castro (Dark Blue)  Beat Brian Ball (Light Blue)
*Paul Townsend (Dark Blue) won against Gary Dean (Light Blue)
* Colin Rickard (Dark Blue) Lost to Ben Emberly (Light Blue)
* Roy Brooks (Dark Blue)  Lost to Paul McGuirk (Light Blue)
* Roger Charter (Dark Blue)  won against Nicholas Grant (Light Blue)
* Bill Lottes (Dark Blue) won against Chris Pascall (Light Blue)
* David Dobby (Dark Blue)  won against Brian Menor (Light Blue)
* Gary Williamson (Dark Blue)  Lost to Jess Roullier (Light Blue)
* Peter Rodd (Dark Blue) lost to Kim Pendi  (Light Blue)
* Jorge Dickenson (Dark Blue)  beat Carmelo Rebolos (light Blue)
* Keith Hodgeson (Dark Blue) Beat Robert Underdown (Light Blue)
* Darren Horne (Dark Blue) Beat Fred Ventura (Light Blue)
* Peter Mackay (Dark Blue)  lost to Roy Butler (Light Blue)
* Chris Metherall (Dark Blue) lost to Kevin Hann (Light Blue)
* Jeff Neil (Dark Blue) Beat Nigel Mann (Light Blue)
* Derek Reed (Dark Blue) Beat Philip Playle (Light Blue)
* Gerry Stupple (Dark Blue) Beat Paul Routley (Light Blue)
* Peter Ward (Dark Blue) Lost to Darren Willcox (Light Blue)


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