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live music and flamenco

the Cranbrook “Red Barrows”

Crane Lodge at the Cranbrook Apple Fayre

On the sunny and pleasant Saturday of October 7th, the members of Crane Lodge 2660 enthusiastically participated in the Cranbrook Apple Fayre, which this year adopted a charming Spanish theme and was fittingly dubbed “Cranplona.”

This annual event provided a fantastic opportunity for our lodge to connect with the local community and promote awareness about Freemasonry in our immediate vicinity. Moreover, it served as a valuable platform for engaging with individuals of all ages who might be interested in becoming Freemasons themselves. In fact, several of our Crane Lodge members, including the 2022/23 Master, were introduced to the world of Freemasonry through their initial encounters at this very event.


The Red Barrows Display Team

The Cranplona festival proved to be a lively and captivating affair, offering an array of attractions that delighted the senses. Live music filled the air, and the rhythmic dance of flamenco performers transported attendees to the vibrant streets of Spain.

For those seeking refreshment, there was an abundance of cider and a cornucopia of apples to savor.

However, one of the most unforgettable highlights of the day was the recreation of the famous “Running of the Bulls” from Pamplona, in which our Cranbrook “Red Barrows” humorously assumed the roles of the bulls. This playful yet charmingly chaotic display of madness left everyone in stitches.

The "Red Barrows"

One of the most rewarding aspects of our presence at the Cranbrook Apple Fayre was the genuine interest expressed by numerous individuals in joining the Freemasonry fraternity. It was heartening to see how our booth attracted those who were not only eager to learn more about Freemasonry but also individuals whose family members or close friends were already Freemasons. Many came with curiosity, wanting to gain insight into our traditions, values, and the principles that guide our organization.

Regalia laid out on a table for everyone to see.

Throughout the event, our dedicated members were on hand to answer questions, provide information, and engage in meaningful conversations with all who approached us. It was evident that the Cranbrook Apple Fayre had once again proved to be a successful platform for promoting Freemasonry and fostering connections within our local community.

In conclusion, the Cranbrook Apple Fayre, reimagined as “Cranplona” with its Spanish flair, provided Crane Lodge 2660 with a vibrant and dynamic setting to fulfill our mission of community engagement and Masonic outreach. The festive atmosphere, coupled with the opportunity to introduce Freemasonry to a diverse group of individuals, made this year’s event particularly memorable. We look forward to continuing our participation in future Cranbrook Apple Fayres and the chance to further enrich our local community with the values and principles that define Freemasonry.

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