Sam Bryce-Smith

Sam Bryce-Smith

Winner of the Mind prestigious PhD studentship

Sam started his studentship in December, under the joint supervision of Dr Pietro Fratta and Dr Maria Secrier at University College London. Sam will explore two proteins TDP-43 and FUS, that are associated with Motor Neurone Disease and are involved in processing molecules called messenger RNA the molecule that provides the information for the DNA, this research could give a better understanding of how the disease develops, which in turn, may provide new targets to develop treatments that can stop MND in its tracks.

His PhD studentship is being fully funded by the Masonic Charitable Foundation, which is funded by Freemasons across England and Wales and of course East Kent.

Freemasons across England and Wales and of course East Kent.

David Innes, Chief Executive of the Masonic Charitable Foundation said: “I offer Sam my warmest congratulations on winning this very prestigious PhD studentship. Progress in his research could one day lead to a major breakthrough in stopping this terrible disease”.

 Sam said: “ The chance to contribute to our understanding of the disease and provide opportunities for new potential treatments is something that really excites me, However, the chance to have a positive impact on peoples lives through my studies is what really drives me, and I feel this studentship is a fantastic opportunity to do so”.

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You can find more about motor neurone disease (MND) and answers to common questions on the following website,