Coronavirus Update re Provincial Meetings.

​Dear Brother / Companion

We are all aware of the issues that are surrounding the Coronavirus at the moment along with the anxiety it can cause. Following a meeting with the Provincial Grand Master to discuss this situation and in particular the wellbeing and health of our members and their guests, and in view of the advice, we are receiving from the Government, United Grand Lodge and Supreme Grand Chapter I have been requested to update you on the present situation with regards the Provincial Officers Mess and the Provincial meetings of Craft and Chapter at the end of April and May respectively.

  1. The Provincial Officers Mess Thursday 19th March 2020

This meeting has been cancelled.

If you have booked to attend this meeting you will have a choice of a full refund of your dinning fees or to carry these over until the October Mess meeting. Please make your preference very clear in an email to if you choose a full refund please allow approximately 21 days for this to be processed.

  1. The Provincial Grand Lodge Friday 17th April 2020

It has been decided to review the decision whether to proceed with this meeting at the end of March a further update will be issued in due course.

3. The Provincial Grand Chapter Thursday 21st May 2020

As per the Provincial Grand Lodge, however, the review meeting will be at the end of April following which a further update will be sent out.

At today’s meeting, the Provincial Grand Master also requested that our Communication officer, Worshipful Brother Richard Wingett, sends out regular updates on what precautions we should be taking when attending our Lodges and Chapters based around up to date guidelines from the Government and those from the United Grand Lodge and Supreme Grand Chapter.

Finally, Brethren and Companions, let us remember that we are all Almoners and ensure that we regularly check on the wellbeing of our elderly and sick Brethren and Companions along with our widows even if it is just a phone call. Let us see the true spirit of Freemasonry in the uncertain weeks ahead.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

Philip N.South

Provincial Grand Secretary