“Cold Cot Donation”

20th April 2023


Picture of Richard Dixy, a visiting volunteer standing next to the MCF banner

Simply, an amazing visit.

Abigails Footsteps & the Provincial Clay Shooting Team

On Thursday the 20th of April, Richard Wingett APGM had the pleasure to represent the Province to support Roger Wilkes and Bernie Connolly from the Provincial Clay Shooting Team to see first-hand the Cold Cot that the members of the Shooting Team had donated through fundraising.

the members of the Province of East Kent take their seats ready for the ceremony to begin

The Cold Cot was donated to the charity Abigail’s Footsteps and is now located in the Bereavement Suite at Medway Maritime Hospital. We were greeted by members of the charity as well as members of the Bereavement Team. I have to say that it is one thing to be able to fund-raise and donate a Cold Cot but it is indeed very special to see it in place and to understand the back-story of why it is important and how it helps bereaved parents.

The PGM with his Deputy and four APGM's

A Cold Cot

So what is a Cold Cot and what is a Bereavement Suite. To hear and see first-hand, please watch this short video. https://youtu.be/e39VsjuYC1c. You may also want to see the charities website for further information www.abigailsfootsteps.co.uk/professionals/bereavement-suites/

Roger Wilkes, the secretary of East Kent Masonic Clay Shooting Team said “Today is a very special day to see and understand the outstanding work that both Abigail’s Footsteps and the Bereavement Team undertake. It is both a sad and sobering thought as to why it is needed and we as members of the Provincial Clay Shooting Team and the Province of East Kent are immensely proud to help where we can”

Both Abigail’s Footsteps and the Hospital Bereavement Team rely heavily on charitable giving in providing this service to help those in need and paid tribute for the donation of the Cold Cot.

A simply amazing visit.


We are a baby loss charity, our aim is to improve the care given around stillbirth and neonatal bereavement. With one in every 200 babies being stillborn (around 14 stillborn and neonatal deaths per day in the UK), Britains figures are among the worst in the developed world.

We provide care and support to families who have suffered a bereavement, as well as education for healthcare professionals directly involved with caring for bereaved parents. Our fundraising pays for specialist midwifery bereavement training courses and the provision of Abi cooling cots to maternity units, to allow parents to spend additional time with their baby. We also work with hospitals to advise on the sensitive layout and creation of bereavements suites that provides parents privacy and locates them away from maternity wards. This year we have also seen the launch of our specialist baby loss counselling programme which funds sessions to help bereaved families once they’ve returned home.



A baby loss charity, aiming to improve care given around stillbirth.

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