“Club AUsome benefits from a local Freemasons Walk.”

Picture of Richard Dixy, a visiting volunteer standing next to the MCF banner

I created a walking challenge based on 10k steps per week

For me, it also highlights that ‘support’ doesn’t solely come in the form of finances.

Sam Bearman writes:

Club AUsome 106734: Spreading Sunshine and Support

Let’s dive into the heartwarming world of Club AUsome 106734, a remarkable charity that extends a helping hand to children with additional needs and their families across Medway and the South East. 🌟

My journey with Club AUsome began through a local networking group, where I had a mild connection. Week after week, I found myself increasingly frustrated by Kellie Milano’s updates. She’d stand up and share stories—sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes infuriating. Either services were cancelled due to temporary premises, or she’d recount the painful struggles some children faced. It tugged at my heartstrings, and I wondered: Could we, the 20-odd souls in that room, band together and make a difference?

Then came that pivotal September week. Kellie painted a vivid picture of a child’s desperate struggle—one exacerbated by the school’s lack of awareness about additional needs, particularly Autism. That’s when I decided to take action. I picked up the phone and asked Kellie, “Would you be open to a walking challenge?” Nothing extravagant—just a proactive step to inspire others.

And so, the Great Walking Challenge was born. My goal: 10,000 steps per week, capped at 5 days (50,000 steps weekly) over three months. The grand target? A whopping 650,000 steps. But guess what? I ended up averaging 80,000 steps each week, totaling an incredible 1,014,631 steps! 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

But that’s not all. Thanks to the generosity of some amazing folks—especially the brethren at Honor Oak—we raised a fantastic £1,150.00 in gross donations. The camaraderie and shared purpose fueled our steps, turning each stride into a beacon of hope for Club AUsome.

Fast forward to today. Kellie’s confidence has blossomed, and she now shares her journey with fellow members at Honor Oak. Their fire is ablaze, fueled by the desire to support Club AUsome’s dreams. And guess what? Awareness has spread like wildfire, lighting up hearts and minds along the way. 🌈

So here’s to Club AUsome, to Kellie, and to every child whose life is touched by their unwavering dedication. May our steps continue to echo with purpose, leading us toward a brighter, more inclusive future. 🌟👣

A group photo of Sam and the Charity

Picture left to right: W Bro. Ian Dent (23-24 Worshipful master), Bro Sam Bearman (23-24 Steward), W.Bro Steve Cronin (23-24 Charity Steward).

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