Chart Lakes

A student does not look very happy as she shys away from a fish that one of the casters is holding, it won't bite
a picture of a young student giving the thumbs up!
APGM Mark Costelloe presents one of the many certificates.

Our third and much anticipated event was held at Chart Fishery, near Chart Sutton, well known to all of the Anglers as one of the more prolific fishing venues and we and the Students were not to be disappointed!  The Venue was closed to the public for a while and has had very little fishing pressure over the last couple of years, hence the eagerness of everyone to get started.  

Anglers arrived and selected their pitches and after the welcome bacon rolls and tea we waited for the arrival of our guests.  The schools arrived around 10am and names of Anglers & Students were called … and we were off! 

The weather also didn’t disappoint but, although very hot, this did not interfere with the fishing as sometimes is the case.  At the Briefing, we were reminded to wear our hats, drink plenty of water and not to spend too long in the sunshine. 

The Students were catching good size fish from the very first cast and it didn’t stop.  Mainly Carp from 2lb-10lb in weight but with the water positively ‘boiling’ with fish, it was more difficult NOT to catch anything!!  That’s fishing sometimes …but not often! 

Our Midday Lunch was a feast of Burgers and Hotdogs, but due to the excitement of the successful angling, it was a more reluctant pilgrimage for food.  After Lunch, we all gathered to receive our distinguished visitor, Mark Costelloe, APGM, though an enthused Gerry Stupple began to announce the first of the recipients for their Certificates & Medals but was quickly reminded by Mark that he would like to commence proceedings with a few words! 

The Students waited patiently, with obvious anticipation for their names to be called, then their excitement exploded with delight at the cheers and applause they received from all present. 

Sadly, another day was over but the thrill of the fishing will live long with the Students, Anglers, Helpers and everyone that took part, until the next time.  We all left with good fishing memories of a beautiful Summer’s Day and with the added bonus of a suntan!!

A young student holds a fish they have just caught, with one of the casters helping.
a student points out the fish he has caught in the net

With our sincere thanks to the Owners of Chart Fishery for again allowing us

to hold this wonderful event on their waters.

Our next fishing day will be held at Longshaw Lakes, near Sturry, Canterbury 

on Thursday 8th  September

We are always looking for more Anglers and it would great if you would like to join us. 

All tackle is supplied (but you can bring your own if you want). 

If interested, please contact : Keith Heard at keithheard44@hotmail.com

Report by Richard Dixey