Certificate of Thanks to Museum Trust Secretary


Front l to r: Roger Waltham, John Andrews, David Tyler.

Rear l to r: Swakely Lodge’s ADC Malcolm Timms, Worshipful Master Chris Boak, DCMichael Davies

Thank You

Kent Masonic Museum & Library Trust Secretary, John Andrews, was taken by surprise at the February meeting of Swakely Lodge in Whitstable.  Just before the Lodge was about to close, two late visitors arrived, namely Roger Waltham and David Tyler, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, respectively, of the Trust, who presented John with a special certificate of thanks.

John has served the Trust for fourteen years, initially as a member of the magnificent team of volunteer Stewards who welcome and guide visitors to the museum and for the last eight years as Secretary and Trustee.

In presenting the certificate, Roger Waltham said, “It is so important that we all recognise, acknowledge and thank these long-term stalwarts of the Museum & Library team and it is with enormous pleasure that the CEO and I are able to do so jointly and personally to John, whose example has inspired so many others”.

David Tyler added, “The fabulous work and commitment of our team of volunteer Stewards is so very important to the continued success of the Museum & Library.  It is largely down to the brilliant way that those Stewards welcome and educate our thousands of visitors every year, that has made the Museum Trip Advisor’s number three favourite place to visit in Canterbury”.




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