Celebrating an Adventurous Freemason 

Kent Scouts Antarctica Expedition 2021. 

ReQuest 2021 is a project supported by both East and West Kent Freemasons. 

4 Explorer Scouts form Kent with their leaders have been selected to take part in this 23 – day expedition to Antarctica departing on the 30th December 2021. 

The scouts will be travelling on the bark ‘Europa’. They have been given specific projects to complete on the expedition and will also be engaged in helping to crew the vessel. En-route they will make a number of landings to study wildlife and carry out some ice trekking through dramatic scenery. 

Recreating some of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s classic 1921 journey will give the scouts a real experience of what those Polar pioneers must have experienced 100 years ago will help shine a modern light on Climate Change.  Sir Ernest Shackleton was a Freemason, a member of Navy Lodge No. 2612, which meets in London. 

So why the interest in East Kents Group 8? 

Darcy Holmes (currently studying at university for a M. Eng. Degree in Aerospace Engineering) is an Explorer Scout form Ramsgate and part of the expedition. 

Worshipful Brother Victor Voss, a Past Master of Union Lodge No. 127, a Founding Member of the Millennium Lodge of Charity No. 9730, Past Master of Old Ruymian Lodge No. 8391, and long-time Scout Leader has special personal interest in this project. 

The expedition leader Alan Noake (District Commissioner for Dover and Deal) was trained by Vic in the early stages of his ‘Scouting’ activities, and it was through that training that he decided to go ahead with the expedition. 

Vic, for the Thanet area, was a District Commissioner responsible for the training of Adventure Scouts and is still a member of the Scout Association. 

  a picture of darcy and vic, holding the team logo

To mark the launch of the expedition Vic was invited to join the flotilla of 6 Scout Boats which made their way on the river Thames from Greenwich under the famous Tower Bridge which opened its spans for them to pass and then on to the Pool of London. Other dignitaries joined in the launch including The Honourable Alexandra Shackleton (Granddaughter of Sir Ernest Shackleton). 

Many of the Thanet Lodges have supported Darcy obtaining equipment needed for her project and travel, and our Province has done likewise on a larger scale. 

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