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News 2018

Legoland weekend for Jacob

Young Jacob Marley from Deal has cerebral palsy, he is wheelchair bound, must be feed through a feeding tube to his stomach, he has very limited communications, smiles when he is happy and can make a few basic sounds, but he cannot  talk. The child’s plight caught the...

Stanley Wykeham Lodge celebrates its 500th Meeting

Stanley Wykeham Lodge Celebrates its 500th Meeting

Andrew Peto Celebrates 60 Years of Freemasonry

Earlier this year, Andrew Peto Past Master of Invicta Lodge of Ashford No.709 achieved 60 years of Craft membership following his initiation into Pilgrim Lodge No.238 in London on 10th April 1958. He had qualified as a Ph.D. in Chemistry and...

Pentangle go back to University Freshers Fair

Back to University for Pentangle Lodge