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Many lodges have artifacts of great interest relating to Freemasonry.

The town of Dover in Kent during the second world war became known as “Hell Fire Corner”, this was due not only to the amount of bombs being dropped, but also the number of shells fired from the French coast across the channel, although the defences were numerous, enemy bombers and fighter aircraft still managed to attack the town and shipping in and around Dover harbour, a number of enemy fighter planes were shot down or crash-landed all-over Kent, one holds a particular reference for the members of East Kent Freemasons, Military Jubilee Lodge No 2195 in Dover.

The Lodge was Consecrated on the 25th March 1887, in view of the forthcoming celebrations of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, it was named Military Jubilee.

At the regular meeting In May 1962 the Master, Ronald Arthur Heath accepted a gift on behalf of the lodge, the minutes shows the following:

“Bro. Wellar then presented to the lodge a framed silken picture of Masonic Characters. He said that to his knowledge there were only three of these pictures woven and this one was found in a German fighter pilots belonging who crashed during the war.

W.M. thanked Bro.Wellar for this gift saying there was a wealth of knowledge to be obtained from the picture”.

This Silk is framed and hangs on the wall of the Masonic Center in Dover.  Research so far indicates that this is indeed exceedingly rare, it shows the symbols associated with Freemasonry.

 Picture of the Scarf in a frame

Nazi Germany was totally against Freemasons and many of those who remained Freemasons were sent to concentration camps, between 80,000 to 200,000 were killed and their lodges were looted.

Of course, there is no knowing whether the pilot was a Freemason and the scarf belonged to him, or whether it was looted.

The scarf for want of a better word may have been used for lectures in a lodge, the members of Military Jubilee are not sure, do you know the answer?

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