Can anyone assist with some information?

Sometime during the period of 1939 to 1943 (specific date unknown), a German pilot who was on bomber escort duty when his ME109 was hit, with an overheating engine he headed for a small airstrip that they had flown over on their way to their target, this supposed airstrip being somewhere along the Kent coast (again place unknown), as he felt he would stand a better chance of surviving if he landed his damaged plane than risking trying to make it home.
Apparently, he landed his plane and was greeted by the officers and ground crew as he spoke very good English. After talking to some of the personnel, he soon realised a couple of the flyers were also Masons. He had always carried his Lodge Certificate with him although it had become very tatty and oil-stained. Nevertheless, he produced it and was taken to a few meetings somewhere in Kent before being handed over to the MP’s as a POW, where he remained until the end of the war. After this, he apparently returned to Germany briefly before returning to the UK to live.
If anyone knows of any parts of this story or even the full story, can they please get in touch.
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picture of a me109 landed in a kent field

picture of a me109 landed in a kent field. Photo taken from :