Martello Lodge No 8712

Two Brothers Become Brothers!

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Wednesday 21st September 2022

A day that many will remember, and a few won’t forget. 

The scene is set at the Sandgate Masonic Hall, Sandgate, members of the lodge are arriving ready for the Initiation Ceremony, but not any old Initiation Ceremony, no, one with a twist. 

For those that know, an initiation ceremony is the first ceremony a joining member will experience.

So, for the Treasurer, Andy Stevens, introducing his Son’s into Freemasonry was a double honour, for Samuel and Luke are not only brothers, but twins. 

As one of the brothers asked, when we are made a “Brother”, does that make us a “Brother Brother !”

Martello Lodge Room

And so, with the members of the lodge in place, and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Very Worshipful Brother Philip South and his escorting party about to enter the lodge, the lodge was nearly ready. 

The deputation was formed, VWBro Philip entered the lodge and took his seat, the escort skilfully managed by WBro Andy Stevens, (no relation to the treasurer), and it did need managing! (For those who know), took their seats, we were ready. 

The ceremony was conducted without fault by WBro David Mowl, I am sure that those in attendance will agree, a ceremony of the first class order and one that he and the lodge should be proud of. 

During the ceremony, the Ancient Charge to the initiates was delivered in a manner once again to be proud of, by WBro Paul Akast, the Immediate Past Master, and also the duly elected Master Elect. 

The Working Tools were delivered by a father who was beaming with pride, and for those in attendance, we certainly felt that pride in bundles of joy and happiness. 

And so, Samuel and Luke became Brothers’ and Freemasons. 

WBro David Mowl, Brothers, Samuel and Luke with the Worshipful Master WBro Robert Martin.

WBro David Mowl, Samuel and Luke with the Worshipful Master, WBro Robert Martin

WBro David Mowl, Samuel and Luke with the Worshipful Master, WBro Robert Martin Bro Andy Stevens, Father in the middle.

VWBro Philip South joins the photo

VWBro Philip South joins the photo.

Martello Lodge No 8712


After the meeting as with all lodges, we took our places at the festive board, or, dinner. This is a chance to relax, greet old friends, meet new friends, catch up on life and enjoy everyone’s’ company. 

It is customary during these meals that we toast the current Monarch, and so the first toast of the evening was to, The King and The Craft. 

The meal was served, and the caterer must be congratulated, as a gas leak 24hrs prior to us dining meant a rapid change in menu, as always at Martello, a first class meal was had by all. 

With the evening nearing its end, the last few toasts were made, and what a way to end. 

everyone seated at the festive board was hanging onto every word spoken by WBro Colin Cooper, founder of this great lodge, a truly inspirational speech.
And then to the finale, our beloved Provincial Grand Secretary, WBro David Graeme delivered the Tyler’s Toast with passion, honesty, feeling and without fault. Not your usual Tyler’s Toast, one that has to be seen and experienced, and if you do get a chance to witness it, you will come away impressed. 

Congratulation’s all round, a warm welcome to the Brothers’, well done to the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies’, WBro Andy Stevens and the escorting party. Thank you to the Worshipful Master and members of Martello Lodge for what was a first class and  memorable meeting. 

One last thanks, during the meeting, a member rose and gave thanks to one member of the lodge for all his hard work over the past few years, he has single handily guided the lodge through some tough times, and as agreed by all present, a big thanks was recorded by the secretary to, Worshipful Brother Peter Herbert. 


"You may see Aprons of many colours, but the one you wear tonight, (white) is the most important Apron, for with this apron you are a Mason"

Colin Cooper Founding Member Martello Lodge

Members of the Lodge greeting the Brothers who became Brothers

This Can Be Secondary Heading

Members of the Lodge join the DPGM and twins. 

Congratulations all round

This Can Be Secondary Heading

Everyone congratulates the Twins on becoming members of the Lodge and Freemasonry. 

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