Nine-year-old Oliver Twyman is a Man with a Mission.

He’s out to do his bit for his dad’s Lodge – and it involves cakes, scones and sausage rolls. Oliver bakes ‘em.

Dad Sean is the senior Steward in the Stour Lodge No.2305 in Ashford. Oliver got to know that the Lodge wanted to raise money for the East Kent Province’s 2025 Festival and came up with the idea of baking and selling cakes and other goodies.

He already had a good track record in fundraising. A pupil at the Phoenix Community Primary School in Kennington, he belongs to the RotaKids club. RotaKids is a fun and exciting way for children aged 7-12 to make friends and get involved with important activities in the community, all while having a great time in the process.

RotaKids clubs are based in schools, youth groups or community centres. With the help and support from teachers, youth leaders and the local Rotary club, children can gain a valuable experience in helping others and learning interesting new things.

Oliver thoroughly enjoys raising money for charities. Among those that he has supported in the past are the supply of disaster shelters in 2020 and supporting a Tiger (Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve).

He loves cooking: he bakes scones and sausage rolls which he sells to Lodge members before Lodge meetings. He made mince pies and sausage rolls for the Lodge’s Christmas meeting in December 2021. Altogether he has raised over £250 for the 2025 Festival – a great achievement for someone so young.

What does Sean think of his son’s achievements? “He’s a conscientious boy who is always willing to help others. My wife and I are very proud of him.”

A potential Charity Steward in the making?

We in the Festival Team are very grateful to Oliver for his kind support and dedication. We wish him and his family a really lovely Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.


Have you got a story to tell? Are you challenging yourself or your Lodge or Chapter to achieve a milestone in fundraising? Why not share your story with us, your Masonic family?

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