AREA 8 Travelling Gavel

The Story So Far

Area 8’s Travelling Gavel was introduced in 2016. Lodges from the Area have been battling with each other for possession on a regular basis and its worth has been proved many times over with the support and encouragement of the Area’s Charity Stewards.

Lodges have seen their visitor numbers increased. Our newer members have been able to visit other Lodges and see the friendly banter and comradeship our fraternity produces, providing an added interest giving an opportunity to enhance our membership’s retention.

Because of its membership (and it is the percentage of members on the night’s challenge that counts) the Union Lodge managed, after 14 months, to make a successful challenge from the then holders, St Johns Thanet. Alas at Union Lodge’s next meeting after Installation, Kingsgate Lodge snuck in under the radar and made a strong representation under the leadership of their Worshipful Master, WBro. Ian Day, supported by his Senior Warden and four brethren made a successful challenge walking away, as holders for the second time in the gavel’s history.

A well supported Festive Board with friendly banter made the challenge even more entertaining.

NOT to be outdone and hearing of this tactic, the Worshipful Master of Porta Maris Lodge WBro. John Hill and a total of 27% of his Lodge’s membership made a trip to Broadstairs on the 10th March (Kingsgate Lodge’s next meeting after taking possession) attending  by stealth with some very late entries to attend the meeting. Kingsgate meekly offered the Gavel to WBro. Paul Chute, who gleefully grabbed it with both hands! Porta Maris likewise are ‘second time’ holders.

There were 52 brethren present at the meeting with representatives from eight Lodges.

A good evening for Freemasonry!

If the rumours are to believed, Porta Maris will not be holders of the ‘Gavel’ for too long…….



Pictures show the WM of Union Lodge handing the gavel to the WM of Kingsgate Lodge in February 2018 and the victorious Porta Maris delegation in March.
Story by: WBro. Jim Mason
Charity Coordinator Area 8
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