Area 8 Charity Stewards and Almoners Meeting
June 2019

On the 29th June 2019, Almoners and Chrity Stewards gathered at the Monsonic Temple in Margate.

A hearty breakfast of Bacon Rolls kicked off proceedings, with attendees being split into groups, headed up by Jim Mason and Vic Voss.

The order of the day was to discuss a wide range of topics. Including:- Living with disabilities, non-attendance of members and self support.
Aided by a brief from the Masonic Charitable Foundation.

The newly launched 2025 Festival was also a hot topic, judging by the legs so was the weather!

Back to a serious note. The group discuss the importance of the Gift Aid envelopes, and making sure that as members and collectivley as Lodges, we make use of the tax relief we get under the Gift Aid Scheme. An extra 20% for nearly all contributions can be added to your total towards the 2025 Festival.

For more information about Gift Aid. Look here.

Please, Please be careful for scammers and unreliable websites. If in doubt, contact the Provincial Office, the MCF or HMRC.

The meeting was a very productive affair, and questions were answered and all went away with food in thiers bellies, and knowledge in ther heads!

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