Area 6 Inter-Lodge Darts Marathon


L to R Morgan Morey, Tony & Tracey Youell and Phillip Hartley-Barkas

L to R Morgan Morey, Tony & Tracey Youell and Phillip Hartley-Barkas

I had a Brainstorm thought! “What about an Area 6 Marathon Darts Competition”! That would be a great idea and a way to promote Inter Lodges rivalry in a good way. I already had some support locally from Ashford brethren for my original Darts Marathon idea. Supporting the East Kent 2025 Festival Target.

2025 straight in Double out… which really was a ‘big ask’ as usually it’s 301 Straight in……but 2025 seemed a sensible number at the time…to support the 2025 Festival and to promote social interaction between Lodges, this can only be a good thing and generate some serious money from sponsorship towards each participating Lodges 2025 target hugely benefitting the MCF.

So within the Group the Lodge names went into the metaphoric hat, and the team draw made, eventually whittled down to:-
Castle Lodge 1436 Jon Meyers Team who played Widows Sons, Andy Pilbeams Team, Castle the winners.

With Lodge St George Bahrain 7389 Tony and Tracey Youell who eventually played Lodge of Loyalty 9494 Phillip Hartley-Barkas & Morgan Morey, Lodge St George Bahrain ultimate winners of their match.

And so the Final play off will be Castle Lodge versus Lodge St George Bahrain, date to be confirmed. May the Best Team Win…… “Watch This Space” also the financial tally will be announced.

My grateful thanks and commiserations must go to Martello Lodge 8712 for playing a three-hander and eventually being knocked out by Castle Lodge, with East Kent Combined Services 10038 Lodge sadly falling by the wayside at the first hurdle, apparently they are better with rifles than they are with ‘arrows’

Also very heartening to see that families and a non mason stepped up to The Oche in the name of Charity.

The Widows Sons Captain Andy Pilbeam said “All the thanks has to go to Jon, we had a great afternoon just a pity the darts didn’t go where they were meant to!!! All great fun though!

Well done to everyone involved,
WBro. Kevin Stones organiser.

L to R Kevin Stedman (non mason), Frog, Lucky, Jon,  3rd Gear, Chloe and Esmie. Dave. (Apologies for the unusual names, it’s as they were given to me).

 L to R Kevin Stedman (non mason), Frog, Lucky, Jon,  3rd Gear, Chloe and Esmie. Dave. (Apologies for the unusual names, it’s as they were given to me). 

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