Buckmore Park 

2 Hour Go Kart Challenge.

Under Starters Orders

On Sunday the 15th of September 2019, 8 teams gathered at Buckmore Park Go Karting Centre in Chatham to battle in the 2025 Festival, 2 Hour Endurance Race.

The rivalry was intense with great humour and boasting on who would win! The day was perfect , without the trace of a cloud to be seen with temperatures more akin to the Mediterranean. The racing was going to be good!

Following the drivers briefing, the practice session started which lead directly into qualifying. That was it, the drivers were under starters orders and the race was on.

Over the two hour race, intense competition was very much in evidence with places hotly contested. Supporting the event were the Provincial Grand Master, Neil J. and his wife Margaret who were delighted with the event, the competition and the enthusiasm with those taking part. Neil said….It is really tremendous seeing people taking part and having great fun whilst supporting the 2025 Festival. The money raised through the Festival will enable us together, to change lives.

Taking the Chequered Flag

Taking the chequered flag were the TLC Bears Team who were 5 laps ahead of the second placed team, the Ranky Waiters, with third place going to the Wet Blankets. All the teams then adjourned to the presentation room to receive their prizes, present by Neil J.

It was clear that some were very exhausted, whilst others still looked very fresh. That said, the one thing that everyone had in common was the sense of fun and sheer enjoyment that everyone experienced.

Ending the day, the manager of the TLC Bears Team, John Sampson, received the winners’ cup team from Neil, together with the prize money which was kindly donated. Trying not to gloat too much and with the biggest smile ever, John assured everyone that the prize money would go to a good home! Come what may, they thoroughly deserved to win it!

First, Second & Third

First Place


Second Place
The Ranky Waiters


Third Place
The Wet Blankets


Picture of Neil Johnstone presenting the winning team with their trophy. 

Here’s till next year, get your racing shoes on and prepare to RACE!

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