‘We are all Almoners’

Almoners’ Breakfast

Saturday 11th March 2023 9.30am 

This is a reminder to book in for the Annual Almoners’ Meeting being held on Saturday 11th March 2023 at the Tovil Masonic Centre, Courtenay Road, Maidstone.

This meeting is not just for Almoners, all brethren are most welcome to attend and hear about what we can do to avoid scams when advising our brethren and widows and to find out what our Visiting Volunteers do with Almoner requests alongside the MCF in supporting those in need across our Province.

This is a Breakfast meeting and brethren should plan to arrive by 9.30am with breakfast being served at 10am. The event should end no later than 12.30pm.

Please book in for a full English breakfast with fruit juice, toast and unlimited tea and coffee will be available for ticket holders only at a cost of £12.00 per head. Booking requests should be made to WBro David Barden no later than Monday 6th March 2023 using the form below.

Lead By

WBro Nigel Fitz


  1. Introductions by the Provincial Grand Almoner.
  2. Apologies
  3. Welcome and Address from the Provincial Grand Master.
  4. Update from Provincial Grand Almoner and to introduce newly appointed Almoners.
  5. To receive a talk by Peter Rodd entitled “Somebody stole my house” Could they steal yours as well?
  6. What does a Visiting Volunteer Really do?
  7. Q and A with Panel.
  8. Any other Business.


For further information contact:  D Barden on dpbarden@aol.com