Allington Lodge No 7086 Lodge Crest

Allington Lodge held its Installation meeting at the Tovil Masonic Centre on the 28th October 2020, or perhaps it should have been called the declaration meeting, as the Worshipful Master, Paul O’Neill continued in office.  All of the officers of the Lodge, bar one, have also continued in office.

The Worshipful Master expressed his grateful thanks, on behalf of all the Brethren of the Lodge, to the members of the Management Committee of the Tovil Centre who through their hard work had made the use of the Centre and Temple possible by ensuing it is Covid compliant.  

The Brethren of the Lodge are determined, Covid permitting, that all of the scheduled meetings this Masonic year will take place.  Tireless work behind the scenes by the Lodge Secretary, W Bro Michael Dawson, and a comprehensive risk assessment by the Director of Ceremonies circulated prior to the meeting guaranteed a smooth and Covid safe meeting. 

W Bro Peter Hazlewood PZ.   W Bro Peter Delo PZ PPJGW.    W Bro Paul O’Neill

           Acting Secretary                          Acting Tyler                    Worshipful Master

Bro Tim Baldwin.    W Bro John Hall.     W Bro Michael Lofthouse PZ SLGR

   Junior Warden    Acting Senior Warden           Director of Ceremonies