A Whacky Rally to Help Young People with  Serious Illnesses.

via France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Italy and Monaco!

What makes four Freemasons from Kent want to drive from Dover to Monaco?

Charity and the drive to help very ill children in Demelza House.

So when Patrick and Ashley Rhodes from the Hawkhurst St Laurence Lodge, Number 9690, Cranbrook, came up with the idea, who could stop them?
The idea came after Patrick and Ashley saw cars decorated and “looking Whacky”, that the plan started, they just needed two volunteers and they had a team.

Thankfully they had two volunteers in the shape of Jason Wright and Ashley English.

So, Four Freemasons from Cranbrook, One Vauxhall Vectra costing £160, were heading to Monaco, what could go wrong?

It is not an easy decision choosing a car that was made in 2007/08, but the team didn’t want to make it easy. They spent a year planning, painting, decorating and adorning the car with everything but the Kitchen Sink!


The 5th  July 2019 was the start of the epic journey, with Dover Eastern Docks providing the way across the Channel.

Picture of Welcome to Dover sign.

Picture of Welcome to Dover sign.





The Journey was looking great, until 600 miles in, DISASTER! The Vauxhall decided to go no further.

True testament to the team, with spirits crushed, they did not give up, with very ill children needing their funding they pushed on in true “Trains, Planes and Automobiles” style, also the odd Buses and Taxi’s, Monaco was still in sight.

So, via Switzerland and then onto Spain, the finish line was crossed on the 8th July.

Alex said “We have currently raised just over £3000 but with donations still coming in and other pledges to collect we should have raised a total of £8000!  A lot of the sponsorship has come from other lodges and masons from across the world we have met some amazing new friends whilst on this adventure through Europe who have been following our event via our Facebook”. 

At Demelza, they believe every child and young person who has a terminal condition should receive the care and attention they need to live the most fulfilling life they can, and that they and their families have the opportunity to build memories, for however long they have together. 

They have been providing this care since 1998 and, through the generosity of those like the team from the St Laurence lodge of Freemasons in Kent, they can continue to be there for families for years to come.

Each child who visits Demelza Kent has access to their own bedroom, with a specialist bed or cot and ensuite bathroom. The hospice also has specially adapted bedrooms, designed to enable an enhanced level of independence for young people staying there. Parents and siblings are welcome to stay in their family accommodation, complete with kitchenette, ensuite bathroom and lounge.

To see and find out more about the work that this unbelieveable Charity does. Click the link below.