Tuesday 12th November 2019 saw the initiation of Andrew Claringbold, Unusual? Maybe!
Read on……..

This was a very special occasion not only for the Ethelbert Lodge but for the Claringbold family.
The Lodge meeting was as always, well attended by guests and visitors, but with the added importance this evening.
Visiting the Lodge for this uniquie evening was Assistant Provincial Grand Master Richard Wingett accompanied by Escorting Director of Ceremonies John England and a retinue of six active Provincial Officers.

The Lodge was opened and Richard Wingett was received and welcomed into the Lodge by the Worshipful Master
The Worshipful Master then vacated the Masters Chair in favour of Worshipful Brother Steve Claringbold, who conducted the ceremony of Initiation for his brother Andrew.
So we have the first family connection.

Kevin Claringbold, another of Andrew’s brothers, presented the First Degree Working Tools to Andrew. Another connection!

Picture of the Claringbold family members.

W.Bro. Kevin Claringbold, W.Bro. John Harris, Bro. Andrew Claringbold, W.Bro. Steve Claringbold, W. Bro. Ernest “Mac” Miller, W.Bro. Dave Dance

Andrew now joins our Lodge wherein a considerable number of his family are members, as you can see from the photo above.
W. Bro. Kevin Claringbold – Brother,
W. Bro. John Harris – Brother in Law,
Bro. Andrew Claringbold – Initiate,
W. Bro. Steve Claringbold – Brother,
W. Bro. Ernest “Mac” Miller – Step Father
and W. Bro. David Dance – Brother in Law.

All of the above W. Bros. are members of, and Past Masters of the Ethelbert Lodge.
One member of the family is missing from the photo, Bro. Michael Claringbold, Steve’s son and  Andrew’s Nephew, also a member of the Lodge, who was unable to attend the meeting.

It was a most memorable occasion and every member of the Ethelbert Lodge would like to welcome Brother Andrew not only into the Lodge, but into Freemasonry and wish him well as he embarks on his Masonic journey.

Picture of Richard Wingett with the Claringbold Brothers

Richard Wingett joins the Brotherhood along with the Worshipful Master!

Picture of Kevin, Andrew and Steve Claringbold

Kevin, Andrew and Steve Claringbold

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