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The Companions of Invicta Chapter No 709 continue to expand their Masonic knowledge in these lockdown days by listening to a podcast by Dr Robert Lomas on the 14th May.  The podcast is part of the Robert Lomas Podcast Initiative. Robert’s vision is to share a podcast of his and other notable masonic speaker’s as an audio file for those brethren and companions who are less tech savvy and unable to engage in webinars.  The podcast is shared with lodge Worshipful Masters or Chapter First Principals who then forward to their brethren and companions, often on the date of their regular meetings/convocations. The podcast is then listened to all at a given point in time, connecting the companions and brethren in a common cause

Robert Lomas is a British writer, physicist and business studies academic. He writes primarily about the history of Freemasonry as well as the Neolithic period, ancient engineering and archeoastronomy.

photo of Dr Robert Lomas

photo of Dr Robert Lomas

Picture of the front cover, freemasonry for beginners

Picture of the front cover, freemasonry for beginners by Robert Lomas


The podcasts are lectures given by Robert, and others and are for the ears of the brethren in the lodges and chapters only and should not be shared more widely.  This maintains the integrity of the project and once lockdown is lifted, the repertoire of lectures delivered by the contributors.

This podcast listened to by Invicta Chapter was entitled ‘The Platonic solids in the Holy Royal Arch.’  A Platonic solid is a regular, convex polyhedron in a three-dimensional space with equivalent faces composed of congruent convex regular polygonal faces.

picture and explanation of the Platonic Solids

picture and explanation of the Platonic Solids


Greek philosopher, Plato, used the already existing concept of five perfect solids to connect the flawed, real world to the ideal world of his imagination. Because the five solids each present the same face no matter how they are rotated, Plato used them in his dialogue Timaeus around 350 BCE. He assigned four shapes to elements (fire, earth, water, air) and the dodecahedron to the heavens. He had organised the known universe; the solids were then always known as Platonic solids in his honour. To find out more you will need of course to listen to the podcast.

Clive Manuel, the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal and Scribe E of Invicta Chapter said of the podcast “Those who availed themselves of the opportunity were treated to a most interesting and erudite lecture which in part re-emphasised the close and indissoluble link between the Craft and the Holy Royal Arch”

There are also more podcasts and an information sheet ‘The Five Platonic Bodies’ available in Chapter educational downloads on Your Province 2. Linked Here.

Please continue to send to me anything of interest your Chapter is doing whilst we are in these difficult times so it can be shared among the companions of the Province. thesanfords@screaming.net

Chris Sanford.


To find out more and to listen to these podcasts email Excellent Companion. Graham Chisnell, the Provincial Education Officer and Curator of the Dr Robert Lomas Podcast Initiative for the South East.  Click the buttons on the right. 

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Pictures courtesy of https://www.lewismasonic.co.uk/freemasonry-for-beginners.htm (book picture)
http://www.bbc.co.uk/bradford/content/images/2006/07/13/freemasonry_150_lomas_01_150x180.jpg (Picture of Robert Lomas)
The Platonic Solids image was taken from  https://joedubs.com/platonic-solids/

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