The proposition of a new Lodge in
The Province of East Kent.

We’re delighted to announce the proposition of a new Lodge in the Province of East Kent.

The Lodge will be petitioned by current and former members of  both the Military and the Emergency Services. If the new Lodge is successful with the Petition, the Lodge will be known as the ”East Kent Combined Services Lodge “.

We hope the  Lodge will hold 5 Meetings a year on the 2nd Saturday in February , April , June , October and December at the Masonic Hall, North Street, Ashford.

Any Brother who is eligible and wishes to become a founding member of this new and exciting Lodge please email  [email protected]

At the first founders Meeting It was proposed that WBro Steve Simmons to be Primus founding Worshipful  Master, and WBro’ s Kevin Stones and Michael Salter to be primus founding, Senior and Junior Wardens respectively.  


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You are not restricted by where you served, only that you served.


  1. Where will the new Lodge meet? It is proposed that the new lodge will meet at the Ashford Masonic Centre.
  2. When will it meet? Again, it is proposed it will meet in the following months. the 2nd Saturday of, February, April, June (installation) October and December. 
  3. Who can become a Petitioner? Current and Past Members of or in the Armed Forces and Emergency Services, this is NOT restricted to Kent. 
  4. What is the Criteria for a Petitioner? To be a Petitioner you must have been a Master Mason for at least 3 years. 
  5. What do I do Next? Contact Steve at  [email protected]

This is very exciting for the Province of East Kent, more details will follow, so keep an eye out on the website, and your emails to find out more. 

To learn more about Freemasonry in general, our “Head Office” in London has all the information you will ever need. Here is their link Home of Freemasonry | United Grand Lodge of England (

At a local level, if you are not a Freemasons and would like to join, visit our recruitment site, for local information and contacts, Home – Just Ask One