Lodges receive the New

Charter Mark


picture of the new charter mark with a copyright symbol in the middle

Over the past month, the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) has been busy awarding Provinces (Counties) with a Charter Mark in order to set a standard for their websites.

Each website had to pass strict guidelines before this could be awarded, here in East Kent, we were pleased when we became one of the first Provinces to be awarded that Mark. (see below)

Now it is the turn of the individual lodges. Each lodge has been written to and the website editor or manager has been asked to apply for that Charter Mark.

So far we have had 7 Lodges apply, with 6 gaining the Charter Mark. (in no particular order)

Congratulations to the hard work of the individual lodges and their web editors, have a look at each site, you will find each one has its own distinct style and content.

Do you think you Lodge would like the Charter Mark? Get in touch it only takes an email!




A new page will be launching soon on this website, called YOUR LODGE, it will look at the history of the Lodge, why is it so-called? How did it get its number? Are there any interesting or famous people in your Lodge?

Please let us know, we will be launching in the New Year.

Do you have any other ideas that could be included on the Provincial Website? If so, Get In Touch!