It may have been a Family Affair.

But what is a “Lewis”?

Read more to find out. 

Freemasonry has steeped in History for many centuries, and so we have carried forward many of the terms, names and customs, that our elder “Brothers” adopted and used. 

This makes our organisation both fascinating, and full of surprises. 

So, when Ethelbert Lodge Number 2099 in Herne Bay had a new member, our history was put into practise. 

Tuesday 12th April 2022 saw the initiation of David Claringbold into the Ethelbert Lodge 2099 in Herne Bay.

This was a very special occasion, not only for the Lodge, but for the Claringbold family, as the Candidate for Initiation, David Claringbold, was a “Lewis”, being the son of Mason, in this case Worshipful Brother, (WBro) Steve Claringbold, the Lodge Director of Ceremonies.

It is the usual custom in Lodges, for the Worshipful Master, reigning for that year, to conduct all ceremonies in his Lodge. This includes when new members join that particular Lodge, sometimes, and in special circumstance’s, he can vacate his “Chair”, and allow another member to take the ceremony. 

On this occasion, the Worshipful Master, WBro Brian Gibson, recognising the meaningful nature of the candidate, vacated his chair and handed over the reigns of the lodge to WBro Steve Claringbold. 

To welcome a close friend into a lodge, is a very  momentous occasion, so when that candidate is a relative, the importance is so much more. When that candidate is your Son, the whole event is very powerful and very moving. 

The ceremony was conducted in an excellent manor by Steve, and to add to the family connection, WBro Kevin Claringbold, David’s uncle, delivered the working tools of an Entered Apprentice Freemason. 

Bro David now joins a lodge wherein a considerable number of his family are members, as you can see from the photo below. 


Picture of the Claringbold Members
Picture of the Claringbold Members

It may possibly be unique in the Province of East Kent to have so many members from one family in a Lodge.
The meeting was a most memorable occasion, and, as always, well attended by guests and visitors.

Every member of the Ethelbert Lodge would like to welcome Bro. David not only into the Lodge, but into Freemasonry and wish him well as he embarks on his Masonic journey.

Brother David with his father, WBro Steve
Brother David with his father, WBro Steve

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