A Double, Double at Shorncliffe Lodge No 4330

Shorncliffe Lodge

No 4330

The 28th January 2019 brought what iwas a first to the Shorncliffe Lodge in Folkestone. Never before had anyone experianced the ceremony of a Double, Double.

So what is a “Double, Double”?

A normal initiation ceremony, when joining a Freemsons lodge, is normlly done one person at a time. In rare cases, two can be “initiated” into Freemasonry, hence the term a “Double” Ceremony.

In very, very rare circumstances like this, the Lodge performs the initiation ceremony, in effect, four times in one evening. Where two pairs of new masons, are welcomed into Freemasonry at the same time.


The Four New Memebers, Brothers Reade, Reddicliffe, Jayms and Smith.

The picture (left), shows the four masons that were welcomed into the family that is Freemasonry, and in particular, the Shorncliffe Lodge No 4330.

But the story doesn’t end there!

In February, the Lodge will be holding an Emergency meeting, where two of the newly made masons will take the next step in Freemasonry.

The Lodge will also welcome another new member!

May sees two of the new masons take the next step and finsih their initial journey, by becoming what we refer to as Master Masons.

The Lodge is growing and growing, credit must be atributed to the Lodge Mentor, John Revitt for his hard work. The Lodge is in a very good position, where it will see nothing but Brothers on the Lodge floor for at least the next TEN Years!


Left to right Brother David Reddicliffe. Matt Reade. Tony Jayms and Stefan Smith. Brother Steve Smith pictured next to his Brother is a Steward, who was Raised in September 2018 and delivered the Charge to Initiate. Father and son team of Gary Gunner Senior Deacon and Andy Gunner Junior Deacon pictured in the background. W Bro John Revitt the Mentor.
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