A Celebration of 50 Years in Freemasonry

On Wednesday the 17th of April 2019 at the Masonic Centre in Sheerness, Worshipful Brother Ron Reveley of De Shurland Lodge received his certificate for celebrating 50 years continuous service in Freemasonry.

The certificate was presented by Worshipful Brother Richard Wingett, an Assistant Provincial Grand Master and Ron was supported by his wife Margaret, his two daughters Christine and Jackie and his son in-law, Cliff Montgomery.

The presentation was part of a ‘White Table’ evening which saw many wives and non-masons attending. Worshipful Brother Richard spoke about Ron’s life from his early days as a boy through to his National Service. After leaving the Army, Ron met Margaret and after a few years, they married, settled down and raised their family. They spent 40 years running the Bay View Hotel in Leysdown on the Isle of Sheppey until their retirement a few years ago.

Looking back 50 years ago proved to be quite interesting. Computers had not been invented then nor had the internet or mobile phones. The cars of the day were Ford Anglia’s, Harold Wilson was the Prime Minister and West Bromwich Albion won the FA Cup,  the BBC sitcom Dad’s Army was first aired on television and Frederick West became the UK’s first heart transplant patient.

Worshipful Brother Richard said ‘This evening has been a very special occasion as Ron proposed me into Freemasonry and so it is a real honour for me to present him with his 50 years certificate, especially as he is also my father in-law’!

This really is a special year for Ron as he and Margaret also celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Presenting Ron with his certificate, he spoke fondly of his time growing up and of his years in Freemasonry. He thanked everyone for attending and sharing his special occasion leaving his final words to thanking his wife Margaret, for her all her support  throughout the years.

 Please note, on picture  reading from left to right is:

Richard, Christine, Margaret, Ron, Jackie and Cliff