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4 x 3 + 50

In Pentangle Lodge we understand that encouraging a diverse, equal, and inclusive culture is essential to an expanding creative and active lodge. We value diversity and celebrate all backgrounds, all ages, ethnicity, race, colour, disability, religion, faith, culture, and sexual orientation. We recognise that individuals from certain groups have had historically experienced barriers to membership. We are committed to advancing in all aspects of equality and offer every member of our lodge equal chance to learn, do better, and move forward.

On Friday the 8th October Pentangle Lodge, in an aim to move forward quickly after returning from Covid, decided to perform two double ceremonies, creating 4 new Master Masons who had been patiently waiting to progress, The four candidates were all of different backgrounds ages and diversity as you will see later. Adding to this heavier schedule we also presented a 50th years certificate to one of our members.

Hence 4 x 3 + 50.

We started late afternoon for the first ceremony and Troy and Ben became Master Masons, called off for tea and followed with a second double ceremony when Keith and Dave became Master Masons as well. Shortly after a senior Grand Lodge officer presented Chris Daniels with a long service 50 years certificate.


Chris was initiated into Pentangle Lodge on 8th  October 1971; 50 years ago, to the day of our meeting. He was passed on 10th  October 71 and raised on 11th  February 1972 . He became master of the lodge in 1980.  He was made Past Provincial Grand Reg in 1989. Chris became a joining member of United Industrious Lodge No 31 and became its Master in 1985. Both his father and grandfathers were Freemasons and members of Pentangle Lodge. Away from Freemasonry, Chris is a retired solicitor and former Clerk to the Commissioners of the Inland Revenue holding the post for many years. He is a former Deputy Town Clerk of Deal (his father had been the Town Clerk early) and a Deputy District Judge.

Chris is married, has a stepson who lives in Vermont and with whom he remains in weekly contact. Chris continues to be a keen and regular Anglican church goer, visits the lodge when his health allows him.

Our four new Master Masons have written a small amount of information about themselves.

My name is Troy , and I was born in Grenada, a beautiful small island located in the south of the Caribbean Islands. From a very tender age, I became very passionate and enthusiastic about understanding the way machines and the world operate, and I’ve always wanted to learn more so I can enhance the society I live in.

 In 2018, I began the pursuit of a full-time 4-year master’s degree at the University of Greenwich’s Faculty of Engineering and Science. I am currently in the post graduate component of my degree, and I am eager to embark on my career as a professional mechanical engineer. I joined Pentangle lodge 3 years ago as a university student member.

On leaving High School in 1977, Keith spent 26 years in the Armed Forces serving in a variety of countries with the Royal Engineers, leaving as a WO1. Keith has over 25 years’ experience in Health, Safety, Quality and Environment within the construction industry and holds a Chartership in Project Management. Having enjoyed the comradeship of the Military, Keith started his journey within the Freemasons in October 2019 and achieved his 3rd degree in October 2021.

I worked in childcare and education covering roles such as nursery nurse, baby room manager, deputy manager, teaching assistant and cover teacher. I’ve worked with children with complex needs and adults with learning disabilities to engage and actively participate in their daily lives. I am now a full-time student studying Speech and Language Therapy at the local campus which is incredibly rewarding as I get to help give a voice and ways to communicate in the world to those temporarily or permanently without one, as well as preventing aspiration by helping people to eat and drink safely who can no longer chew and swallow safely.  Joining Freemasonry as a student has added to my education and Pentangle Lodge has such a great group of guys.


My history is I am 56 years old and married for 35 years I have three sons and eight grand children.  I am a company director within the construction industry. I have known about Freemasonry a long time , but only joined in 2019 ,it has been worthwhile and an education.


Pentangle Lodge is sure that its new Master Masons will be as committed as all its members are to creating a dynamic, all-inclusive, happy Lodge.

 Article by  Chris Sanford JP, PPJGW

Pentangle Lodge 1174

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