East Kent Provincial Pantomime 2018


On Sunday 2nd of December, the Kings Hall in Herne Bay played host to this year’s Provincial Pantomime, Aladdin – oh yes it did!

The cast had been working hard for months to make this a very special event as the two performances on Sunday entertained over 1000 people including over 400 children from very diverse backgrounds from a range of schools and other special centres. The children were supported by their parents and many of their carer’s, teachers and helpers.

This was made possible by the generosity of the Freemasons of East Kent, their Lodges and Chapters, who very kindly donated the money required. The difference this makes to the children is very humbling and their interaction with the characters on stage with screams of ‘He’s behind you’‘Oh yes he did’ and the boos for the loveable rogues, were testament to the fun they (and the adults) were having.





After the show


After the performance, the children met with the cast and were treated to some special gifts, before finally meeting with Father Christmas amongst a flurry of snow, provided of course by the aid of a special machine, although it was cold enough for the real thing! 

The smiles really said it all and this made the hard work very satisfying knowing that we had made a difference, even for a couple of hours.

After the Sunday evening performance, the Head of East Kent Freemasons – Neil Johnstone – made a special guest appearance on stage and paid tribute to all of the cast, crew and organisers, for their hard work, dedication and commitment.

The proceeds of the weekend will be donated to the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity so that the charity can continue to invest in a brighter future, by assisting the vulnerable, and funding opportunities for the disadvantaged in our communities.

Groups Supported at the Pantomime

Matinee Show @ 2.30pm

  • Canterbury Christ Church 19 Children 10 Adults
  • Meadow Field 98 Children 97 Adults
  • Ethelbert Homes 13 Children 10 Adults (4 Wheel Chairs)
  • Demelza 20 Children 20 Adults
  • Halima 4 Children 4 Adults
  • Kingsdown 2 Children 2 adults.
  • Adults only from Kent Autistic 8
  • Adults only Martha Trust 12.

5.30 Show

  • Canterbury Christ Church 12 Children 11 Adults
  • SNAPP 89 Children 76 Adults
  • Great Oaks Small School 4 Children 4 Adults
  • Wind Chimes 3 Children 4 Adults
  • Benecare 3 Children 3 Adults
  • Ethelbert Homes 13 Children 10 Adults
  • Demelza 20 Children 20 Adults
  • Kingsdown 6 Children 7 Adults
  • Meadow Field 37 Children 39 adults
  • Adults only from Martha Trust 18 (3 Wheel Chairs)
  • Adults only Kent Autistic Trust 11.

More Photos from the Show

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