Freemasonry and Charity

Freemasons are encouraged to be charitable. They give generously to a wide range of charities and other good causes and actively involve themselves in their local communities.

In 2013 East Kent Freemasons raised more than £170,000 for a wide range of non-Masonic charities and other good causes. Read more.

Nationally there are four central Masonic Charities that do good work, not just for Freemasons or their dependents, but for the wider community. One of these, the Freemasons’ Grand Charity, is dedicated to helping people in need and has donated over £100 million since 1981. It is always quick to provide help when national disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and floods occur in various parts of the world.

The effects of flooding in India, July 2013

The effects of flooding in India, July 2013

For example, in February 2014 the Freemasons’ Grand Charity gave a total of £50,000 to help with flood relief in the UK during the wettest winter on record.

In June 2014, the Freemasons of East Kent completed a major fund-raising appeal that achieved a grand total of  £3.65 million for the Freemasons’ Grand Charity; 22% above the target they set in 2008.

For more information about the four central Masonic Charities, please visit the United Grand Lodge of England Website.

Freemasonry has enjoyed a long and close association with funding for the Royal College of Surgeons. To mark the Bi-Centenary of Supreme Grand Chapter in 2013, an appeal was launched to raise at least £1 million to provide bursaries for surgical research. At the Bi-Centenary celebration in October 2013, HRH The Duke of Kent presented a donation of £2 million to the President of the Royal College of Surgeons. The target had been exceeded and more Fellowships than anticipated can be funded. The Royal Arch Freemasons of East Kent raised £40,000 towards that grand total, this being achieved in addition to the fund-raising for their own appeal ending in June 2014.

The Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ CharityFotolia_Charity_Logo_Cropped_WS

Launched in October 2014, this charity replaces three former East Kent Freemasons charities by bringing them all together under one umbrella. It also incorporates the former Cornwallis Trust Fund, the trustees of that fund being confident that the objects of the new charity are similar. Read more at

Recent cheque presentation to the Rising Sun Charity

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