Welcome from our Provincial Grand Master

I am pleased to welcome you to this Website which is open equally to members of the public and fellow Freemasons.


Geoffrey Dearing - Head of East Kent Freemasons

I warmly invite you to explore the site, which will offer a good overview of all aspects of Freemasonry in East Kent, from the meaningful and worthwhile purposes of our fraternity to the news items and photographs showing the great fun enjoyed by our members, families, friends and neighbours. There is free access to all areas although some sections are likely to be more interesting for members who are using the Website as a convenient way to access various administrative and membership related items.

Freemasonry has a terrific amount to offer in today’s society – not just to its members but also to the communities around us – as I feel sure you will discover as you explore this website. The financial and practical support of charities and local good causes is close to a Freemason’s heart and within this site you will find many stories and photographs about that heart-warming aspect of our organisation. In particular, we support the Cornwallis East Kent Freemasons’ Charity which does much to help needy individuals and groups in Kent.

I am particularly proud of the Kent Museum of Freemasonry in Canterbury, which offers visitors an excellent journey through the history of Freemasonry in the area and its links and associations with the County of Kent over the last three-hundred years.  There is no charge to visit the museum, please click here to visit their website.

East Kent Freemasons organise attendance at and participation in a wide range of sporting and social events, a flavour of which you will find as you navigate around the site. There are links on most pages to the www.JustAskone.org information website, which we have set-up especially for those visitors who are seeking answers to their questions about Freemasonry – or perhaps wondering how to go about applying for membership.

I hope that you find the pages of both websites interesting and informative and that you enjoy your journey around them. Geoffrey Dearing - Head of East Kent Freemasons


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